Helmet testing equipment

The characteristics of the helmet:
No.1, shock absorption
There is a separation belts inside the fire helmet. According to the Chinese national standard for fired helmets, there must be at least 3 cm of buffer space between the skull parts and the helmet. A comfortable elastic cushion is added to the interior to ensure that accidental impact does not directly stress any part of the skull.

No.2, anti-high temperature
Often walking in the fire, of course, have to be able to withstand high temperatures. The helmet is placed in a 260 °C environment for 5 minutes, the cap can not be violently deformed, other accessories, such as Caps etc., can not be significantly deformed and damaged.

Helmet testing machines performance characteristics:
1. Using servo motor, servo controller and It's supporting control unit as the drive component, the motor has a long service life.
2. Adopt hollow gear reduction system, low power consumption, low noise, high efficiency and high reliability.
3. Adopt Zhongtai data acquisition carded to keep the accuracy of the test machine unchanged for a long time.
4. With position limitation function, it makes some tests with position restriction requirements safer and faster.
5. Extremely wide measuring range, applicable to many national standards.
6. Adopting the integrated design principle, no matter the configuration of the host, modify the corresponding parameters of the computer (the parameters can be permanently retained), no circuit adjustment is needed.
7. High-precision return positioning functioned, which can accurately return to the starting position regardless of the return speed, speed up the would test and improve work efficiency.
8. Common parameter memory function, such as test speeds, so that a boot is in this parameter state, which greatly facilitates the user.
9. Flexible and convenient operation, with two workings modes: constant movement and jog, users can easily set freely to adapt to different occasions or habits.
10. In-line transmission is adopted to make the positioning precision high, long life, low friction, high-speed operation and forward and reverse rotation, so that the whole machine runs translation, displacement and speed precision are greatly improved.

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