Литовская компания ищет партнеров!



We are searching for partners, who can and want to work. We propose You cooperation in the sphere of business clients service. We can guarantee high award for Your work (as a percentage of the total price of the services - 10 % - 20 %), and for clients we propose:

1. Possibilities to move across different European countries without any restrictions during all the year;

2. Use all the advantages and possibilities of European Union.

3. Use big tax benefits and advantages of doing business in Lithuania;

4. Have advantages in getting visa to the USA, Canada and Australia.

Main services:

  • Assistance in getting visa and residence permits of the Republic of Lithuania
  • Consultations and assistance in preparation of invitation letters for arriving to Lithuania

Additional services:

  • Documents preparation for application for getting licenses and certificates
  • Consultations on migration, labor, company and competition law
  • Documents translation (Lithuanian, Russian, Belarusian, English languages)
  • Preparation of Intrastat accounts
  • Business representation services
  • Business missions
  • Creation and maintenance of web-site
  • Assistance in searching office rooms
  • Assistance in searching living quarters
  • Registered address of the company
  • Registered address for individuals



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Литовская компания ищет партнеров!
Литовская компания ищет партнеров!

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Литовская компания ищет партнеров!
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