Mranufacture Laser Slotted Casing Pipes

The controlling technique of the slotted pipes and the software are chosen according to the parameters of the pipes; when the pipes are slotted, the procedure including: pipe surface treatmentbefore process, colling and eliminating the heat during the whole slotting as well as removing the iron rust and oxide; after the pipes are slotted, ther will be quality inspection, qualified pipes are sent to waste collection station; marking the qualified pipes; material certificate is issued and the finished pipes are delivered.

Features of slotted pipe

1. our slotted pipes use API J55/K55/N80 casing and tubing pipes. With strong overall strength, the slotted pipes are not easy to deform.
2. the edge of the slot is vertical and smooth withour burrs, the slot is uniform.
3. the slotted pipes control sand better, which are suitable for the well with sand diameter more than 0.3mm.
4. the slot can be longitudinal and vertical, the section of the slot can be parallel and trapezoid types, which creats wide open area.
5. easy to operate and to be connected with larger inner diameter.

Specifications of OASIS Slotted Casing Pipes
the slot can be up to 0.10mm
the cutting thickness of carbon steel is up to 20mm
the cutting thickness of stainless steel is up to 10mm
API Std. Casing ID
Slot Length
Valid Filter
60.32 5 6.84 50.3 3 80 200 0.3 ±50 48 512.54
73.02 5.5 9.15 62 3 80 240 0.3 ±50 57.6 688.55
88.9 6.5 13.22 75.9 3 80 280 0.3 ±50 67.2 995.1
101.6 6.5 15.22 88.6 3 80 300 0.3 ±50 72 1151.2
114.3 7 18.47 100.3 10 80 320 0.3 ±50 76.8 1400.4
127 7.52 22.13 112 10 80 340 0.3 ±50 81.6 1673.8
139.7 7.72 25.11 124.3 10 80 360 0.3 ±50 86.4 1900.2
9.17 29.48 121.4 10 80 360 0.3 ±50 86.4 2232.4
168.3 8.94 35.09 150.4 10 80 400 0.3 ±50 96 2672.95
177.8 8.05 33.68 161.7 10 80 440 0.3 ±50 105.6 2559.2
9.19 38.19 159.4 10 80 440 0.3 ±50 105.6 2940.7

The Introduction of our company
Oasis Oil Tools Co., LTD. located in Xinxiang City, Henan. Our main products are Stainless Steel/Carbon Steel/Duplex Stainless Steel Water Well Screens/Wedge Wire Screen/Continuous Slot Screen, Pipe Based Screen/Perforated Pipe with Screen Jacket, Gravel Pre-packed Well Screens, Perforated Pipe, Slooted Pipe, Bridge Slotted Well Screens, Sand Control Well Screens, API/ISO Stainless Steel Well Casing, Industrial Filters, Screen Plate, Passive Water Intake Screens, Water Nozzles as well as related parts. Our products are widely applied in water well, oil well and gas well, sand control, filtering, paper making and chemical industry.
Our products have been exported to Egypt, Russia, Sudan, Tanzania, Tunisia, Morocco, UAE, Jordan, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Canada, Bolivia, Ecuador, etc.

Packing and Delivery

Each with bubble bags and then in wooden case.
Each case is clearly marked with:
1.Batch number
2.Date of manufacture
3.Safe heating &application temperature
Transported by sea

Contact Me
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