Low Hydrogen Silicone Oil DH-018

Low Hydrogen Silicone Oil DH-018

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This product is colorless transparent oily liquid, non-toxic and insipidity, due to the molecule contains active Si - H key, under the action of catalyst, can reactive with double bond, such as hydroxy, is the basic material of foam stabilizer, defoamer and water soluble silicone oil etc. products. It also can be used as waterproofing agent and softening agent for natural and synthetic fiber fabric, silk, leather, etc.the silicone emulsion manufacturing processis very complex.if you want to know please contact us.

[General properties]

Appearance: colorless transparent oily liquid

Viscosity25℃, mm2/s :100~300

Hydrogen content:0.18-0.2-0.3

Density25℃, g/cm2:0.98~1.10

Refractive index25℃:1.390~1.410

[Product features]

It has low freezing point, strong hydrophobic, strong dielectric, resistant to temperature, good chemical stability characteristics, can reactive with variety of chemical because of its molecular structure of active hydrogen (si - h key), under the action of catalyst, has addition reaction with other compounds, also can crosslinking at low temperature.


Used for synthesis with other functional groups of silicone oil, and fabric, glass, ceramics, paper, leather, metal, cement products waterproof processing.

[Packaging and storage]

It should be stored in a cool and ventilated warehouse and far away from fire and heat source. Warehouse temperature should not be more than 30 ℃.

Sealed packing in plastic or metal pail (net weight 200 kg/barrel). Should be stored apart form oxidant, acids, edible chemical original material.


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