Agrochemicals refer to fertilizers, pesticides, veterinary drugs and growth regulators used in agricultural production which can promote the production of edible agricultural products. Agrochemicals play an important role in the sustained and rapid development of agriculture.

Agochemicals can be divided into fertilizers, pesticides, and agricultural film.

Fertilizer is the abbreviation of chemical fertilizer. It refers to a fertilizer which contains one or several nutrients required for the growth of crops. It is mainly used to improve soil fertility and crop yield per unit area. The most common are nitrogen fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer, and potassium fertilizer. These are chemical fertilizers with a large demand by plants.

Pesticide refers to various bactericidal, insecticidal, weeding and other medicines used to promote and protect the healthy growth of crops.

The agricultural film is mainly used for covering cultivation techniques. It contributes greatly to the increase of agricultural production and the production of off-season crops.

Researches on new agrochemicals

We should strive to develop new products and increase recycling efforts of recyclable products. We advocate green agriculture and sustainable agriculture on the premise of low toxicity, high efficiency, green and safety. At present, slow/controlled release fertilizers are favored as a new type of fertilizer. It is called the ideal fertilizer in the 21st century and has the characteristics of less environmental pollution, good fertilizer effect and high economic efficiency. The development of new pesticides has turned to low toxicity, low residue, high specificity, and no auxiliary damage. Plant-derived pesticides, microbial pesticides, and hygienic pesticides, etc. have begun to be used in agricultural production. In response to agricultural film pollution, since the 1970s, the concept of "degradable plastics" proposed by the United States and Japan has become a research hotspot and has achieved remarkable results and put into application, such as photodegradable agricultural film, biodegradable agricultural film, cellulose film and so on.

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As a technology innovative company, Lianyungang JM Bioscience Co., Ltd. mainly engages in researching, developing, investing, manufacturing and supplying all kinds of agrochemicals, fine chemicals, as well as some pharmaceutical intermediates and food additives. Taking "quality, service, credibility" as the policy, our Bioscience products has exported to all parts of the world, including the United States, Canada, Brazil, Germany, Spain, Italy, South Africa, Cze Republiclic and so on.


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