Dispensing Pump

Performance Characteristics of Culture Media Dispenser

There is no need to manually measure the sample weight.

Technical Specifications of Dispensing Pump

Sample weight

Dilution amount


Dilution precision

Within ±1.0g

Dilution speed

Dilution multiple

2-999 times

Weighing range

Density setting


Stainless steel

Power supply

AC 110V




Products Details of Dispensing Pump

Products List

Selective Purchasing products






Warranty period

Dispensing pump

1 set

Printers (heat sensitive photocopiers, wiring, AC presses, heat sensitive paper)



1 year

Dispensing nozzle


Computer Output Devices (Special Software, RS232C Wiring)



Silicone gel tube

2 pcs

Pedal switch



Electronic scale

1 set

4 liter sterilizing bottle, cap for injection/extraction, circular filter plate, silica gel tube (nozzle, infusion tube can be sterilized together after connecting)


1 set

DT-Cube bracket(SUS)

1 set

MV2-1000 infusion apparatu

1 set

Sterilization diluents (phosphate buffered saline, 1 liter х10 bottles)


1 set

For homogenizers, please refer to ELMEX's Pro•media SH-IIM.

It is better to use the company's diluents and homogenized blender bag series.

ELEX Biological Products (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., established in 2013, is a colony counter manufacturer, which specializes in sales, research and development of microbiological test products for food hygiene testing and environment testing, simultaneously act as an agency of microbial testing equipment from ELMEX Corporation of Japan. The factory has passed ISO9001:2015, and the products have passed the strict assessment of the quality management of the Japanese food industry and are favored by the industry. Its top popular product---ST swab samplerseries account for 70% of the market rate in Japan.


至: Elex Biological Products (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
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