Multi-Functional Flux

General Description of Multi-Functional Flux

MULTI-FUNCTIONAL FLUX is blended from natural de-hydrated salts with temperature reactive compounds.

Melting Point: 420℃

Color: light grey or light yellow

Size of Multi-Functional Flux

Granule 0.8-3.25mm, 1-4mm,1-5mm,1-10mm

Spherical 0.15-0.6mm, 1-2mm, 0.6-1mm

Other size can be adjusted according to customer request.

The function of Multi-Functional Flux

Refining, drossing, degassing and covering in one flux. Powdery dross after refining. Environment-friendly, the absence of toxic and harmful chemicals, the complete absence of dust and very low dosage. It is a granulated flux for universal applications and multi-purpose functions which forms a molten layer to protect the melt from oxidation and pick up hydrogen, produces the drossing effect which agglomerates the oxide allowing easy removal from the surface of the melt. is recommended for use with aluminum-magnesium alloys containing magnesium less than 2% in which even the sodium are intolerable.

Packing of Multi-Functional Flux

Benefits of Multi-Functional Flux

1. Form in granules overcomes the problems with the traditional powder fluxes by making handling and charging easier and safer. is suitable for treating molten aluminum
2. Covers and protects aluminum and aluminum alloys during melting hence minimizing loss by oxidation and pick up of gases
3. Produces light and dry powdery dross
4. Cleans molten metal by minimizing non-metallic inclusions
5. Improves physical and mechanical properties of the casting
6. Allows extremely low addition rate with high efficiency
7. Ensures casting quality at reduced cost

WARNINGS of Multi-Functional Flux

Multi-functional flux has a shelf life of 12 months if stored in the normal temperature and closed shaded dry area in undamaged original packing.
Care should be taken to prevent moisture pick-up during storage,especially after bags have been opened.


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