C.I.Pigment Yellow 53

Quick Details

  • CAS No.: 8007-18-9
  • Other Names: C.I.Pigment Yellow 53
  • EINECS No.: 232-353-3
  • Place of Origin: Hunan, China (Mainland)
  • Usage: Coating Pigment,Ink Pigments,Plastic & Rubber Pigment,Leather Pigments,Glass, Masterbatches, Enamel,Printing ink,Nylon.
  • Brand Name:De Ruo
  • Type: Titanium
  • Style: Inorganic Pigment
  • Specifications

    C.I.Pigment Yellow 53
    3.non-explosion hazard.
    4.Compliant to EU RoHs,EN71.3,US FDA.


    C.I.Pigment Yellow 53

    1.Products information

    Nickel Antimony Titanium Yellow Rutile

    CI #77788    CAS # 8007-18-9

    Physical Form: Yellow Powder

    Crystal Pattern: Rutile Pattern



    A bright yellow powder produced by high temperature calcination. This pigment has good UV and visible opacity, is chemically inert, heat resistant, and stable to ultraviolet light. It is non-bleeding and non-migratory. It has exceptional durability and hiding power, and is generally used in applications where resistance to heat, light, and weather are needed. It is compatible with most resin systems and polymers, and is non-warping. It is an internationally recognized non-toxic environment-friendly pigment.

     This product is very easily dispersible, does not need grinding for dispersion and can simply be stirred in using most laboratory and production equipment to achieve full dispersion.



    3.Main Technical Data:
    Heat Resistance :≥1000°C
    Light Resisrtance(Grade 1 -8 ):8
    Weather Resistance(Grade 1-5):5
    Oil Absorption:11-17g/100g
    Density:4.4-5.0 g/ cm3
    Mean Particle Size : 1.1 µm


    4.Typical applications (non inclusive):

    liquid and powder coatings, inks, dispersions, concrete, plastics, and other applications where equivalent pigment chemistry is used


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