ARSHINE NUTRITION INGREDIENTS, is a part of ARSHINE PHARMA, a Chinese main life science raw material exporter, which has more than 10 years experience in bio-tech ingredients researching, manufacturing and exporting.

Established in 2007, ARSHINE is committed to offering distinctive, safe, effective, verified nutritional/natural ingredients, with positive functionalities and benefits, for food, nutrition, health, cosmetic and pharma industries.

Till 2017, ARSHINEhas built close, transparent cooperation for 1500+ products with their influential, trustable, creditworthy manufacturers, connected with 1000+ business partners from 70 countries, and achieves $100M exporting sales.

ARSHINE sincerely welcomes enthusiastic and dedicated cooperator to join our network. Our door is always open for trustworthy cooperator and mutual prosperous.


Vision:To become the leading foreign trade corporation in China\'s pharmaceutical industry.

Mission:To build elite team leading the industry as well as improve China\'s international status in pharmaceutical industry.

Core Values:To promote success of employees and our customers together with an high quality and win-win environment.

Philosophy:Focused on value for clients by customer-oriented.


Soybean oligosaccharides CAS 10094-58-3
Soybean oligosaccharides CAS 10094-58-3 Soybean oligosaccharides CAS 10094-58-3 Oligosaccharides (Oligosaccharides) refers to the saccharides that are formed from 2 ~ 10 monosaccharide mo...
Pancreatin CAS 8049-47-6
Pancreatin CAS 8049-47-6 Pancreatin CAS 8049-47-6 Pancreatic enzymes also known as pancrelipase and pancreatin, are commercial mixtures of amylase, lipase, and protease. Th...