PCB electrical connectorsare mounted on the PCB and are typically used for PCB to PCB interconnection, or to transfer to or from the PCB from another source within the unit. Sunkye Military/Space grade Micro PCB connectorsqualified with MIL-DTL-83513 standard, with standard jackscrews and jackpots, making it ideal for flex-to-board applications, which widely used in the military area, aerospace, aviation, electrical, ship-building, UAV, Radar, defense system etc.

Description of Micro PCB Connectors

A "PCB" or Printed Circuit Board connects electrical components on a conductive track or between pads on the board. Some devices hold more than one PCB and will utilise a variety of PCB to PCB connectors to build a connection between the boards. Designed to connect printed circuit boards in a variety of settings, high voltage PCB connectors securely transmit signal and power between boards.

Performance of Micro PCB Connectors

Contact Pitch * 0.050˝ (1.27 mm)


- STANDARD -55°C / +150°C

- HIGH TEMP -55°C / +200°C

Random vibration * Power spectrum density 0.4G2/Hz root mean square value of total acceleration 23.1G

Shock: 735m/s2

Contact arrangements of Micro PCB Connectors

Metal shell: 9, 15, 21,25,31,37,51,66,74, 100 contacts

Plastic shell: 9, 15, 21,25,31,37, 51 contacts

Introduction of Micro PCB Connectors

Series * Micro D Connector

Terminal Mounting * PCB Type Including Straight to PCB and 90°angle to PCB type

PCB Tail Length * Standard 3mm

PCB Layout * 1.27*2.54mm & 2.54mm*2.54mm

Contacts *Twist pin contacts, high density interconnection, Becu, gold over nickel plating

The thickness of Gold plating * ≥1.27micron

TWIST PIN * Male contact, fitted to plug connector.

Socket * Female contact, fitted to socket connector (also known as socket).

Insulator* 20% GFPPS (20% glass filled polyphenylene sulfide)

Insert * Moulded insulation housing, separating each connection.

Interfacial Seal * Fitted to socket connector only

Shell *Connector metal body plated nickel or cadmium.

Jackscrew *High or low profile, hexagonal socket or slotted head.

Jackpot* Mates with jackscrew.

LCP * Liquid Crystal Polymer.

Potting * Epoxy compound used as an encapsulant.

Standard connector * Manufactured to the standard dimensions and specifications.

Special connector * A standard connector modified to meet specific requirements.

Custom made connector * Designed to meet specific customer requirements.

PCB connector * widely apply for the different industry and application.

Right Angle PCB connector * Board Right Angle connector and Condensed Board Right Angle connector.

Straight PCB connector * Board Straight connector.

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