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BRD Optical co. Ltdis one of professional optical mirror manufacturers. We provide Plano Concave Cylindrical Lens, Plano Convex Cylindrical Lens, double convex mirror, precision optical productsand so on. Want to know more? Please conatct us.

The optical glass dome is our company's superior product. In the past, most of the fairings were infrared grade, which was mostly used in military products. With the development of military-civilian integration, especially in visible materials and ultraviolet, we have become one of the best optical components companies and have made technological breakthroughs, and we have obtained the patent certification of ultra-hemispheric processing technology. The optical dome is widely used in camera imaging, weather monitoring, navigation systems and so on. The radii of curvature of the two planes will not cause image distortion and light refraction. BRD Optical can provide different kinds of optical domes, like a clear dome, UV dome and IR dome.

Optical DomeApplications

In the optical field, the application of an optical dome lensis mainly divided into two categories, one is military manufacturing and the other is ordinary optical systems.

Military manufacturing mainly refers to the infrared dome, mainly ZnSe and sapphire materials.

An optical system, mainly used for imaging and detection measurement system. It is mainly used for deep-sea imaging in imaging. The glass material can withstand sufficient water pressure and does not deform due to the acrylic material. Furthermore, the light transmittance of glass, the bubbles and stripes of the material itself, and the smoothness and hardness of the surface of the material itself make more deep-sea exploration keen to choose the glass material dome. Also used for atmospheric detection, pyranometer. The two almost parallel surfaces prevent the light from being significantly refracted when passing through the component, thereby ensuring that energy is not lost and improving the accuracy of the measurement.

Optical Dome LensFAQs

What Is The Difference Between Glass And Pmma? Which One Is Better?What Is The Difference Between Glass And Pmma? Which One Is Better?

First of all, this should be an optical component. Glass is more conducive to imaging, with better light transmission and stabilit. The surface of the glass is relatively hard and is not easily scratched. The surface of PMMA is easily scratched, which affects the imaging effect.

How To Equip If There Is No Flange?How To Equip If There Is No Flange?

It is recommended to use a super hemisphere, the excess part can be glued with the assembly. In terms of cost, it is much cheaper than a lens domeand camera domewith flanges, and the sealing is also very good.


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