700lux High Brightness 7" FPV Monitor

*7"LED display* 700lux high brightness* Built-insensitive 5.8G dual redundant receiving system* 32 channelsAuto / manual channels scan* Auto Brightness adjustment to save energy and protect your eyes*No delay/anti blue screen/anti black screen:the built-in DVR system won’t cause any delay in receiving signal; blue screen or black screen will definitely not occur.*Timer / Alarm /Voltmeter* IntegratedDVR black box system can run in the background for recording*Auto/manual channel scan: no need for DIP switch.


LED Screen

Display resolution





700 Lux

Aspect ratio


Response time


Color system


Power Supply

Working voltage

DC:2S-6S battery


850MA @ 12V







12V(input power >12V)





TF card supported

Max 32G


Packing size


Monitor size


Gross weight

Matching antenna interface



Accessories Included:

Light blocking drape


Velcro cable tie


Female T-plug to male XT60 plug connector cable


Female tofemale T-plugconnectorextensioncable


AV input/output cable


Power supply output cable


Interface descriptions


Video input


Audio input


Video output


Audio output

High Intergrated

Now, our SV700 Ground Station has successfully solved this problem by integrating the following useful systems into one system: 1. The display system of high brightness, high definition, high sensitivity and no blue screen; 2. The sensitive 5.8G dual redundant receiving system; 3. The DVR black box system; 4. The timing system; 5. The voltmeter.

New, Light, Thin

This 7-inch monitor is different from the out-dated 7-inch vehicle-mounted LCD screen. Instead, it is an all-in-one machine- thinnest and lightest, but with the most functions. Every the design details are based on the concept of saving space as much as possible.

High Brightness LED Display

We deeply understand that you must prefer high brightness LED display when flying outdoors, especially under the bright sunny day. The light level can be up to 700 lux. You can easily watch the videos clearly.

Auto Brightness adjustment to save energy and protect your eyes

The feature of high brightness is designed for daytime use, however, it is not suitable for the use in dark evenings. To be responsible for your health, our SV700 Ground Station has another feature, that is, auto brightness adjustment. The brightness of the screen will be adjusted according to the surrounding light conditions in order to protect your eyes. On the other hand, auto brightness adjustment can save more than 30% energy.

Highly sensitive/no delay/no blue screen receiving system

We believe that you must panic when blue screen or black screen occurs. Even it only lasts for 1~2 seconds, but your flying machine may disappear from sight. Thus highly sensitive processing chip is adopted to make sure the weakest signal can be received! It make your flight more safe!

Dual redundant receiving system

Usually flat panel antenna is used for long distance flight, and clover leaf antenna for short distance flight. Is it possible for these two antennas work in one system? Yes! The dual redundant receiving system of the SV700 all-in-one monitor is such a system that has adopted both flat panel antenna and clover leaf antenna. Now you can easily control your machine to fly far or close, just as you wish!

DVR black box system

Nothing can be more upset than going home with only the remoter. DVR black box inside the machine will record the video, GPS and OSD information, all of which can be checked back any time by pressing just one key. Though DVR system is included in the SV700 Ground Station, it won’t accur any delay or cause image quality damage in the video displaying.

Auto / manual channels scan, human-machine interaction

You don’t need to worry about channel setting any more by using our SV700 Ground Station. Its auto / manual channel scan function allow you to find a matched channel easily. Furthermore, human-machine interaction design allow you to get hold of the whole searching process. 32 channels 5.8 GHz analogue image transmission are supported.

Timer / Alarm

According to the survey were caused usually by overtime flying. Crashes will not only cause economic loss, but also be dangerous for people. The timer/alarm designed in our SV700 Ground Station helps you accurately grasp every taking off and landing time so that you know clearly what to do.


The built-in voltmeter of our SV700 Ground Station shows you the voltage value so that you know when to change the battery.

FAQs:Q: Not able to search channels automatically:A: Auto channel scan only functions in the FPV interface. In the DVR interface, users should search channels manually.Q: The video displayed is black-and-white:A1: Check whether the camera output is black-and-white (some cameras might automatically shift to black-and-white in low-light conditions)A2: If it normally displays in full color in the DVR interface, users can adjust the “BURST”in menu from P0 to P7.Q: Can not start after connected to power:A1: First fully charge the battery, and make sure its discharge current at least reaches 1.4A. Check whether the battery power is enough. If a 2S battery is being used, try a 3S battery for testing.A2: Check whether it is caused by poor contact of the T-plug and battery cable.A3: Check whether the power source is correctly connected to positive and negative poles.Q: No channel can be received:A1: Install antennas, and move the monitor close to the 5.8 GHz transmitter.A2: Connect video signal to the transmitter.A3: Check whether the channel provided by the transmitter is one of those listed in the channels-able-to-be-received-table; check with other channels.Q: Volume is too low:A1: Turn it to full volume.A2: Check whether the micro of the transmitter works well.


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