Hydraulic Pressure Elevator





Hydraulic Pressure Elevator



The hydraulic elevator mainly uses the hydraulic pump to drive the cylinder making the antenna up and down through the chain. The antenna is raised at working mode and will be transported into the cabin at sleeping mode.

The hydraulic lift has dual functions of manual and electric .

The characteristics are as follows

1. Working stroke: 850X2=1700mm

2. Diameter of piston rod: φ40

3. Cylinder characteristics: plunger rod

4. Working system pressure:6---10MPa

5. Pump station design

6. Power: 220V

7. Working temperature: -40℃ to +65℃

8. Storage temperature: -55℃ to +70℃

9. System pressure: P less than 15Mpa working pressure: P = 6-10Mpa

10. Flow requirement: no more than 5 liters per minutes

11. Speed regulation requirements: working speed can be adjusted according to the needs

12. Using superposition valve or insert valve to integrate them.

13. Size requirements: can be determined according to the specific requirements of customers.



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