Medical Grade PVC Pelletizing Machine

According to different requirements from customer and medical field, our company has developed and launched medical grade PVC pelletizing machine with stable and excellent performance. In particular, we have an independent laboratory to deal with and study the granulation production process of new materials and can also help customers test many new materials.

The complete set of equipment consisting of Jwell parallel twin screw extruder and corresponding pelleting auxiliary machines is suitable for medical grade PVC pelleting.

The final medical grade PVC granules produced by our PVC pelletizing machine are very uniform, dense and beautiful. The auxiliary machine adopts die face granulation, air-driven collection and vibration separation and cooling. Our pelletizer machine has high degree of automation and good production efficiency.

Application of Medical Grade PVC Pelletizing Machine
Medical grade PVC granules are widely used in the production of medical tube, injection tube, medical sheets, and medical films, etc. Our pelletizing extrusion line provides a wide range of applications including medical grade PVC pelletizing machine. Welcome to contact Jwell Machinery, an established extrusion pelletizing machine supplier, for the price.

As a professional plastic extruder manufacturer, Jwell has high-quality pvc pipe making machine for sale. Welcome to contact us if needed.


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