Grey Cardboard

Grey cardboardis double grey industrial cardboard, which is produced from a kind of recycled waste paper. The cardboard graypapers are divided into single grey, double grey, and full grey, which belong to environment-friendly packaging materials. Xiaolong offers high-quality grey back paperboardthat is versatile, durable, and eco-friendly. Available in various thicknesses and sizes, our grey paperboard is perfect for a range of applications. The standard size of grey paperboard is 700*1000mm, 787*1092mm, 889*1194mmm sheets or 700mm, 787mm, 889mm, 1000mm, 1092mm, 1194mm roll.

Our chipboard greyis made using advanced technologies and strict manufacturing processes, ensuring superior quality. We also offer customization options, allowing you to create personalized packaging solutions. Committed to sustainability, our grey chipboard is made from recycled materials. Despite its premium quality, our grey cardboard paper is cost-effective, offering excellent value for money. Choose Xiaolong for superior packaging solutions.

Stocks of Grey Cardboard Sheets

1mm Grey Cardboard Wholesale

Xiaolong 1mm grey cardboard is a high-quality, heavy-duty cardboard that is perfect for a wide range of creative, crafts, and creative projects. The cardboard is thick and rigid, making it ideal for use as a backing for paper crafts, mounting artwork, and making 3D projects. It is also ideal for making custom boxes, cases, and frames. The grey color gives this cardboard a professional look, and it is easy to cut, score, and fold.

2mm Grey Cardboard Wholesale

2mm Grey Cardboard is a strong and durable material that can be used in a variety of applications. Its lightweight and smooth surface makes it an ideal choice for photoframe backs, folders, lamination and other craft projects. It is also great for packaging and used in art and craft projects, as well as for making book covers, folders or boxes. Its thickness and strength make it a great choice for creating sturdy and attractive products. It is available in a range of sizes and thicknesses and is an economical choice for a variety of projects.

3mm Grey Cardboard Wholesale

3mm Grey Cardboard is a versatile and cost-effective material used for a variety of packaging and display needs. It is a strong, lightweight material with a high tear resistance and an excellent surface finish. It is easy to cut, fold, glue, and punch, making it suitable for both manual and automated processes. It has a neutral grey color that offers a subtle contrast for printed graphics, making it an ideal choice for hardcover books, branding, advertising, and marketing materials.

Grey Cardboard Advantages

Why Grey Chipboard Paper Is So Popular?

Although you might not know its name, you’ve probably seen grey chipboard paper in many different places. Some of them uses for the versatile material include shoeboxes, book covers and in many stationery shop.

Chipboard is a thick kind of paper stock that is made from 100% recyclable materials. Other common names for chipboard include strawboard (as it was made in the past with cereal straw), container board, unlined chipboard and greyboard.

Why Choose Xiaolong Grey Cardboard Paper?

Looking for high-quality grey cardboard paper? Look no further than Xiaolong! As a leader in the bulk cardboard industry, Xiaolong offers the best grey cardboard paper with outstanding features that cater to all your packaging needs.

Xiaolong Grey Cardboard Paper Specs:

- Our grey paperboard is available in various thicknesses and sizes, ensuring flexibility and versatility for different applications.

- Our grey paperboard has excellent stiffness and strength, providing ultimate protection and durability for your products.

- The smooth surface of our gray cardboard sheetsallows for easy printing, making it ideal for customized packaging solutions.

- Our grey paper board is eco-friendly and made from recycled materials, reducing environmental impact while still maintaining exceptional quality.

Key Features of Xiaolong Grey Chipboard:

Premium Quality: Our grey chipboard is made using advanced technologies and strict manufacturing processes, ensuring superior quality that meets industry standards.

Enhanced Protection: The strong and sturdy nature of our grey chip board protects your products from external factors, such as moisture, impact, and deformation.

Customization Options: With Xiaolong, you have the freedom to create personalized packaging solutions as our grey chipboard is easily printable and can be tailored to your specific branding requirements.

Sustainability: We are committed to sustainable practices, and our gray cardboard is eco-friendly, contributing to a greener future.

Cost-Effective: Xiaolong's grey cardboard paper offers excellent value for money, providing durable and reliable packaging solutions at competitive kappa board prices.

Choose Xiaolong for superior grey cardboard paper that combines quality, versatility, and sustainability. With our customizable options and excellent protection, your products will be beautifully packaged and secure during transit. Get in touch with us now to explore our range of grey board sheets and find the perfect match for your packaging needs.

Grey Cardboard Applications

Grey cardboard, also known as grayboard or grey chipboard, has a wide range of applications due to its durability, sturdiness, and eco-friendly composition. Here are some common applications of grey cardboard:

Packaging: Grey cardboard is a type of paper used in packaging. It is commonly employed to create boxes for various products such as double corrugated cardboard in electronics, paperboard cosmetic packaging, food packing paper, and more. Its sturdiness and ability to protect goods make it a popular choice for cardboard packaging solutions that require both durability and cost-effectiveness.

Book Covers and Binders: Grey cardboard customis frequently used in the production of book covers, binders, and folders. Its rigidity provides protection for the contents while offering a professional appearance. It can be customized with printing, embossing, or other techniques to enhance its visual appeal.

Puzzles and Games: Many puzzles and board games use grey cardboard as a base for their pieces and boards. The thickness and strength of grey cardboard ensure that these items can withstand repeated use.

Displays and Signage: Grey cardboard can be easily cut and shaped, making it suitable for creating displays, signage, and promotional materials. It is often used to make stands, easels, and temporary point-of-sale displays.

Arts and Crafts: Grey cardboard is a popular choice for various craft projects. It can be easily painted, decorated, and manipulated to create DIY crafts, scrapbooks, and models.

Backing for Framed Art: Grey cardboard is often used as a backing material for framed artwork and photographs. It provides support and protection for the artwork within the frame.

Prototyping: In product development, grey cardboard is sometimes used for prototyping purposes. Its cost-effectiveness and ease of shaping make it suitable for creating mock-ups and prototypes before moving on to more expensive materials.

Stationery: Grey cardboard is used to create notebooks, notepads, and other stationery items. Its durability ensures that these products can withstand daily use.

Dividers and Inserts: Within packaging and storage boxes, grey cardboard can be used to create dividers and inserts that help organize and protect items during transportation and storage.

Gift Boxes: Grey cardboard can be transformed into stylish gift boxes by incorporating creative designs, printing, and finishing techniques. Decorative paper gift box offers a sustainable and elegant option for presenting gifts.

Shoeboxes: Many shoe paper boxes are made from grey cardboard due to their strength and ability to protect shoes during shipping and storage.

DIY Projects: Its versatility makes grey cardboard a favorite choice for various custom paper packaging projects, ranging from model making to creating architectural prototypes.

Educational Materials: Grey cardboard is used in educational settings for creating flashcards, visual aids, and interactive learning materials.


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