Stainless Steel Rolling Door

Rolling doors available in a variety of materials, our line of rolling doors and counter shutters perform in the most demanding environments. We have comprehensive types of industrial rolling doorsoffered with different materials such as pvc, aluminium, steel and acrylic.Stainless steel rolling shutteris sturdy and weatherresistant that could be used for a long time. Xinyi is one of the best rolling steel door manufacturers in China and we are ready to serve you.

Specifications of stainless steel rolling door
Product Information
Model: Stainless Steel Roll Up Door
Door Panel Thickness of steel is 1.5 mm
galvanized surface
Polyurethane (without CFC)
Vertical track Stainless steel
Available Colors Gray, white, red, beige etc
Safety Device Photocell Sensor/Safety edge bottom
Motor Option German SEW & Nord/China SEJ
Size from 0.75JW - 2.2 KW accordingly to different requirements
Gas tightness 8.68 m ³ / (m ² • h),national standard level 3
Opening Type: Radar Sensor, Floor Sensor, Remote Control, Push button, Rope Swtich ect
Package:Carton box package for full container, Plywood box package for partial container
Surface Treatment:Paint coated
MOQ and Lead Time:1set,3days
Features Of Stainless Steel Rolling Door
Well-sealed, Durable and compact

Weather-resistant and stainless

Operation can be manual push-up, chain hoist, waist high crank hoist, or auto type

Have safety control system

If you are looking for a reliable industrial door company, please contact us, and we will be your best partner.


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