60-150 Ton Low Bed Semi Trailer

Ultraton's 60-150T Low Bed Semi Trailer with a concave beam-type frame is a durable and smart solution for different kinds of heavy-duty load. On different purposes, removable gooseneck, extendable ramp, even hydraulic pendulum axle, cantilever suspension, driven modules, power pack unit can be equipped for performance enhancement according to customer's requirement.

Overview of 60-150 Ton Low Bed Semi Trailer

Heavy duty and extra durability designed for concave beam.

Scientific design with advanced computer-aided design software, finite element analysis of the frame according to vehicle load quality requirements

Steel material we use is high strength steel Q345.

Welded by automatic submerged-arc process and skilled technicians. Complete chassis shot blasting to clean rust and remove welding stress

Axles could be optional for hydraulic pendulum axle;

Suspension could be optional for cantilever suspension

Advantage of 60-150 Ton Low Bed Semi Trailer

High tensile structure steel, robust and durable construction with high bending moment, high concentrated loading bearing capacity.

Practical design with high strength to transport heavy duty goods

Packing solution in CKD/ SKD/CBU is optional according to different project.

Advanced manufacturing equipment and mature workmanship to ensure outstanding performance

Complete and flexible service from our professional team

Distinct location to get full range support on delivery and manufacturing

Ultraton's long term tenet to be your reliable partner bringing you Greater value makes you worry free on after sales service

Application of 60-150 Ton Low Bed Semi Trailer

Ultraton's 60-150T Low Bed Semi Trailer could be used to handle heavy duty load, especially transport tractors, buses, special purpose vehicles, rail vehicles, mining machinery, forestry machinery, military machinery and other heavily loaded goods.

Other notes of 60-150 Ton Low Bed Semi Trailer

Pre-sales Services

Communicating with customers, analyze their needs.

Providing professional technical solutions with drawing.

Offering customer quote in FOB or CFR etc..

Payment: 50% TT advance before production, 50%TT before shipment is preferred


We are long term partner with many famous shipping lines and forwarders i.e. COSCO, ONE, PIL, MSC, CMA, etc. Our company now has low loader semi trailers sale, quality assurance, guarantee your satisfaction. Welcome to buy.

Provide best feasible and effective packing way and timely manner.

Arrange shipping space booking, customs clearance, etc..

Make an appointment for product inspection if required.

Prepare necessary documents for customs clearance.

Track delivery status until you receive the cargo.

Shipping: Sea/ Railway/ Road transportation subject to your location

Packing: CBU or SKD in seaworthy Export Standard

Why Ultraton Container Semi-Trailer?

Our container semi-trailer has a reasonable structure, reliable performance, sophisticated technology, and the full potential of the vehicle.

It is specially used for the transportation of various containers and can be used repeatedly for a long time with sufficient strength.

Now we have Ultraton semi trailers for sale, it depends on the customer's requirements for the size and configuration of the tonnage to sign the specific contract price.


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