3/4 wing automatic revolving doors

Overall features and functions of VZ-R-3/4 wing automatic revolving doors:

(a)Driving system :German motor and deceleration system.

(b)PLC and converter adopt Japanese parts, low energy consumption,stable operation,and reliable in quality .

(c)German electronic smart lock control system, high security and easy to use .

(d)Rubber anti-collision sensor.

(e)6. 8 mm laminated arc glass:When the laminated glass is broken into pieces, the chips will adhere to the mid-lamina to avoid risk of injury. Therefore cracked toughened glass with angles of over 90 degrees is not harmful to the human body.6mm toughed glass:We select safety construction glass and passed 3C compulsory quality certification.

(f)Key switch,emergency button,the disable push pad switch .

Technical specifications of VZ-R-3/4 wing automatic revolving doors:

Power supply: 220~230V/50~60HZ

Rated current:10A

Rated power:400W

Revolving door drive unit:250W X 2=500W

Spot lights:50W

UPS power consumption:1000VA

Standard speed adjustment range(revolving door):3-4 r/min

Low speed adjustment range(revolving door):1-2 r/min

Expected lifespan:100000hr


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