Auto slide gate opener



Power input

AC220V/110V±10% (50-60Hz)

Motor power


Maximum gate weight


Motor voltage

24V DC

Gate moving speed


Gear Module


Transmitter frequency


Remote control range


Limit switch

Magnetic or Spring limit switch

Stable performance

Electric soft start,soft stop

Safety function

Automatic reverse back upon impact

Working temperature


Product weight


The features of auto slide gate opener:

  • SG550 slide gate opener is heavy-duty and much stronger automatic gate opener,it is designed for gates up to 1500kgs.

  • The opener has built-in controller,receiver and emergency key release. Its power supply is 220V or 110V with a power rating of 550W.

  • VEZE slide gate opener is one of the safest in the market with its Anti Crush function that enables the gate to stop upon impact and reverse to its original position. The auto close function has a time range of 1-120 seconds that is adjustable along with the openers torque.

  • VEZE slide gate opener is an installer friendly automatic gate opener that provides long-lasting, trouble-free performance.


The 10 technical advantages of auto slide gate opener

  • Advantage 1: Soft start function: slow heating, smooth starting,which effectively prevents the motor intensity being too large at the starting moment and protects the motor with high safety.

  • Advantage 2: Rushed trip prevention function: when the door open or close to the limit, the gate can run only by pressing the opposite direction button, which prevents the gate out of the trip.

  • Advantage 3: Time protection function: avoiding prolonged operation after motor stroke failure, the running time protection is 2 minutes, it can be adjusted within 2 ~ 90 s.

  • Advantages 4: Automatic closing function: automatic closing time can be freely adjusted according to need, automatic closing action can be set to perform within 1 ~ 120 s.

  • Advantage 5: Intensity adjustment function: able to freely adjust the motor force in operation, and make the gate stop when it encounters great resistance, so as not to damage anything (Note: This situation requires special attention to protect the motor artificially).

  • Advantage 6: Full function external interface design: infrared safety device, security alarming lamp, loudspeaker and other access control products.When closing door meets any obstruction, the external infrared device can make the gate automatically stop 2 seconds and return to its original position, which achieves the safe anti-collision and anti-pinch function.

  • Advantage 7: Motor high confidentiality design: with interference resistance ability, remote control is sensitive, transmitting distance up to 100m far in open area, adopting the most advanced transition coding technology, safety performance is high, the password up to 1 million units, unable to crack, 30 remote controls can be formulated.

  • Advantage 8: Electric-manual conversion function design: in case of power failure, the gate can be opened and closed manually after releasing the clutch, easy to use.

  • Advantage 9: Magnetic limit switch design: to ensure the maximum shift of the gate, safe and reliable operation.

  • Advantage 10: Remote control keyboard self-lock design: when there is no remote control operation more than 60s,it turns into remote control key lock function mode, only by pressing unlock button of the remote control, it can change to normal operation mode. (Note: this function does not affect the manual function).


The picture of auto slide gate opener:


VEZE series auto slide gate opener is the best choice for automatic gates, remote control gates, electric gates, villa gates, etc. With creative product design, sophisticated production technology and professional services,it perfectly combines with high-end technology and modern life style, and fully meets the requirements of the urban honorable life.



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