3/4 Wing Automatic Revolving Door

KBB’s superior designs for revolving doors provide an imposing entrance to any building, while serving as an airlock as well, to minimize a building’s heating and air conditioning losses, therefore maximizing energy savings. The best selling model called KA023 3/4-wing revolving door is not only elegant but also economical and practical.


Safety functions

1. Special Load-Bearing Structure

2. Vertical/horizontal safety switch

3. Anti-squeeze

4. Anti-strike

5. Force-sensitive Control

6. Torque Control

7. Panic breakout system

8. Handicap

9. Night Security Door


Operation features

1. Continuous working mode

2. Go/Stop working mode

3. Remote control function


Technical Data

Power supply : 220VAC±10%,50HZ

Rated current :12VAC,50HZ

Rated power : 600W

Down lights : 400W

High speed adjustment range(revolving door) : 1-4r.p.m.

Low speed adjustment range(revolving door) : 0.5-1.5 r.p.m.

Ambient temperature : -30 - 45 degree

Max relative humidity : 90%.

Total weight :  <1000Kg

Operating noise : <= 60db (A)







 Key Components

1. Main control unit : SIEMENS from Germany

2. Operation program software : KBB

3. Transducer :  SIEMENS

4. Drive unit :  SIEMENS

5. Gear box : Sewdrive

6. Deceleration belt :  CONTITECH

7. Spot light : PHILIPS from Netherlands

8. Detection radar : Infrared, BEA from Belgium

9. High precision speed /position radar : HENGSTLER

10. Emergency stop button : KBB

11. Handicap button : KBB

12. Curved glass : YAOPI, security laminated glass

13. Planar glass: YAOPI, security laminated glass

14. Aluminium frame profile : JIHUA



至: KBB International Co., Ltd.
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