Slide Gate Turnstile

KBB high efficiency security turnstiles is one of the best entrance control in the world, which could be equipped with almost any system of different buildings, such as access control, time and attendance, visitors, card transceivers, tickets and biometrics, as well as being able to handle CCTV and other additions.


General Discription

1. Appearance and design . Specially designed according to operational environment and tailored to the building style .

2. Material . Stainless steel ,Glass , Acrylic ,Wood ,Stone ,Titanium alloy .

3. Assage width . 400mm ~ 3000mm .

4. Dimension . Designed according to specific project dimensions .

5. Surface finish . Hair brushed , Satin brushed , Polished , Electroplated coating , Watermarked .

6. Environment . 

Suitable for environments, +80 degree~ -45 degree .

Humidity >95% .

Protection: IP11 ~ IP67 .


KBB Advantages

1. Advanced safety features . Equipped with more than 10 pairs of military specification infrared sensors, which accurately monitor safety and security functions, including anti- passback, tailgating, illegal access, anti squeeze and orientation identification.

2. Speed Technology. Adjustable Opening/closing time for swing gates and wing gates can be as low as 0.35s .

3. Appearance. Class leading breakthrough on curved design appearance and surface treatment ahead of competitors .

4. Complete product line . Capable of manufacturing 6 lines of products, KBB is one of the top 3 manufacturers in this competitive field. Our products are fully compatible with all major worldwide projects and we offer a fast response be spoke service platform.


Slide Gate Turnstile

Also known as sliding gate or full height wing gate turnstile, our slide gate turnstile is based on wing gate technology but incorporates proven sliding door characteristics. It is equipped with full height vertical wings and allows passage by retracting the wings into the casings.


This model offers high security and can effectively prevent unauthorized by deterring those who would climb over or under the barrier. A powerful pedestrian detecting module ensures against tailgating, and all pedestrian movements are monitored.

Passage width is generally between 550mm- 900mm, with a passage speed between the swing gate and the wing gate.


High security levels prevent access above and below the barrier.

Elegant and beautiful upscale design with various options for housing material, the slide gate turnstile is available for upscale security applications.


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