Prefabricated Barn

Prefabricated barn DescriptionPrefabricated Metal barn come in 3 different roof lines and many different size configurations. Some of the available options include an open carport lean to, one with its center closed with the lean to open, fully enclosed or as shown in this picture the center open and the lean to closed.The lean to is always 12' wide with the center part either 12', 18', 20', 22' or 24' wide. The available lengths are 21', 26', 31', 36' and 41' long. You can go longer than 41'. It is simply a matter of connecting two lean to buildings end to end.There are many advantages to owning a lean to building. Whatever form it takes, a lean to building protects whatever is underneath it from various weather conditions. For instance, lean to carports protect cars, trucks, farm equipment, campers, and many other types of vehicles from the wind, rain, and snow. Not surprisingly, a vehicle that stands in water or endures too many storms is prone to rust. People who buy from our selection of lean to carports and lean to carport kits have a convenient form of shelter for their valuable vehicles.One of the advantages of owning a lean to garage is the ability to keep valuables secure from theft. The appearance of a lean to garage serves as an effective deterrent to thieves. Naturally, people with classic cars or cars that are extremely valuable want to keep them secure. Our lean to garage selection has plenty of options for a vehicle owner looking for an extra element of security.Our lean to carport inventory is appealing to people who want a convenient way to store their vehicles. It keeps the rain and snow off cars and trucks without keeping them behind locked doors. A lean to carport is easy to access and doesn’t require a set of keys. People who want an easy, convenient method of storage for their cars may want to check out our lean to carport inventory. We have lean to carport kits to fit the needs of many property owners.Many horse owners see the advantages in our lean to barn selection. They want a place to keep their horse that is not fully enclosed. Perhaps they want a structure that allows their horses to wander in and out at their leisure. In addition, some horse owners look at our lean to barn selection when they want a structure to make available to horses kept in a field. If it rains or begins to snow, the horses can go to the lean to barn for shelter. By purchasing a lean to barn a horse owner can provide shelter for his or her horse without building an elaborate stable with all of the trimmings.Some design of prefabricated barnMetal Horse Barns Lean To Buildings:  Total Size 42'x21' Center is 18'x21'x9' with (2) 12'x21'x6' Lean to on each side with 4 Ends closed and 2 sides closed with 2 gable ends.Carolina Barn Lean To Carport:  Total Size 42'x21' Center 18'x21'x12' with (2) 12'x21'x7' lean to, (6) gable ends, (2) extra 21' panels, and 2 sides closed.Carolina Barn Metal Lean To: Total Size 44'x21' Center 20'x21'x12' with (2) 12'x21'x8' lean to fully enclosed all vertical siding with (2) 1/2 panels, (1) 9x8 Garage Door and 1 9x8 garage frameout with 45 degree cut.Metal Garage Lean To Carolina Barn:  Total Size 48'x66' with Center 24'x66'x12' with (2) 12'x66'x9' lean to.  Fully enclosed with a 10x10 garage door, Two 36" doors and 6 WindowsMetal Garage Lean To Seneca Barn:  Total Size 44'x31' Center 20'x31'x10' with (2) 12'x31'x7' lean to.  4-Sides Closed, 2-20' Wide Ends Closed, 6 Gable and 2-9x8 garage doors.prefabricated barn::  Total Size 36'x36' The Center is 12'x36'x9' with (2) 12'x21'x6' Lean to on each side with 4 Ends closed and 2 sides closed with 2 gable ends.Interior picture of prefabricated barn


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