Double Sided Tape

Double sided polyimide tapeis using polyimide, PET, copper, glass cloth as backing, 2-sides coated with silicone adhesive, mainly used for normal usage and industry usage. Our double sided heat resistant tapecan be customized according to requirements.

Double-sided Tape Classification

Reliable adhesion performance, can be customized according to the specific requirements of the application

Different cloth backing materials and adhesives can ensure a stable and stable adhesive tape and ensure the required product thickness range

Optimized release paper promotes simple construction and ideal treatment

Features Of Double-sided Tape

High level of adhesive peel and shear properties.

Excellent initial adhesion, available immediately after assembly

Reliable adhesion to many materials, even with LSE substrates

Good durability, easy to die-cutting

High temperature resistance without residual glue

FAQs of Double Sided Tape

What's the max amount of tape you can produce in a month?


What's the main difference between your company and the rest of other tape manufacturers in China?

High quality goods, excellent service and reasonable price

What's the warranty for the double sided tapes?

Warranty is a year (12 months).

Can you make other sizes and packages for the doubled sided tape?

Yes, we can make other sizes as your requirements, normally our quotation is based on common package. Customized packing methoud should be advised upfront for an accurate quote.

As a reliable adhesive tape manufacturer, we can offer kinds of teflon adhesive tapefor sale, if you are interested, please leave us a message.


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