G330 VOCs Gas Thermal Imaging Camera

Overview of G330 VOCs Gas Optical Infrared Thermal ImagingCamera

VOCs gas imaging camerais a non-contact device, it can quickly scan VOCs natural gas pipelines and equipment, real-time and intuitively locate the VOCs gas leak points and accurately measure the temperature by thermal images, so as to achieve VOCs natural gas long-distance rapid detection of pipelines and equipment.

Features of G330 Gas Thermal Imaging Detectorfor VOCs

High sensitivity cooled detector, sensitivity ≤0.01℃

High sensitivity mode Small gas leakage can be detected

It can be used for VOCS gas leak detection thermal imagingand thermal temperature measurement

Pictures and videos are stored in SD card directly

It is small in size and weighs only 2.8 kg

Intelligent operation

Explosion-proof: Ex ic nC op is ⅡC T4 Gc

Technical Specifications of G330 VOCs Continuous Gas Leak Detection Camera



Detector Data

Cooled detector

320 x 256

Pixel pitch


Spectral range

Gas sensitivity

≤0.4g/hr(CH4, Room temperature)

Lens Data

FOV / Focal Length

14° x 11.2° /39mm



Image Performance


HD 5.0"


1~10X Digital zoom




Various colors available (iron red, black hot and white hot, etc.)



Applications of G330 Gas Detector for VOCs

Ecological Environment Law Enforcement Team, City (County) Motor Vehicle Exhaust Pollution

Monitoring Center, Safety Supervision Bureau, Fire Bureau, Maritime Safety Administration, LDAR Testing Service Company

Offshore oil platform, oil refinery, refineries, gas station, chemical treatment plant, hazardous chemicals parking lot and hazardous chemicals storage tank area

Natural gas enterprises, natural gas stations, natural gas well sites, natural gas storage facilities, natural gas transmission pipelines and natural gas power plants

Biogas power plants, pharmaceutical enterprises, pesticide plants, coal chemical plants

Now the price of thermal imaging camera for leak detectionis reasonable, if you have needs, please contact us.

Zhejiang ULIRVISION Technology Co., Ltd.(ULIRVISION) focuses on infrared thermal imaging, ultraviolet imaging, gas imaging camera, laser clearing instruments, intelligent inspection robot technology innovation and industrialization.


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G330 VOCs Gas Thermal Imaging Camera
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