12V180AH Marine Battery

EXOR AGM 12v marine starting batteryis available for start-up and deep cycle use. With our use of ultrafine glass fiber, adsorbed electrolyte, the new 12v agm deep cycle marine batteryis absolutely leakproof, maintenance-free, and has extremely high vibration resistance. With a cold start performance of up to 110A CCA and a large capacity of 180AH, it can reliably operate at -40 ° C to 70 ° C, providing ample power for onboard comfort functions.

Parameter Of 12v dual purpose marine battery

Constant voltage (V)


Constant capacity(20hr to10.5V)

180Ah @25℃ (77°F)


L506mm XW220mm X235mm


Approx 49.4Kg (108.81Ibs)

CCA (-18℃/0°F)

900A@ to 6.0V

CCA @25℃ (77°F)

1100A@25℃ (77°F)

Idle capacity (25A,10.5V)

410min @25℃ (77°F)

Operation temperature

-20℃~60℃ (-22°F~158°F)

Acceptable charging current


Recycle charging voltage

  1. ~15.0V@25℃ (77°F)

Self-discharge@25℃ (77°F)

<8% (Store for 90 days)

Case materials

High-temperature resistant pp material

Type of terminal

Tapered terminal

(Left: negative; Right: positive)

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