Replacement 45nm GPU/CPU X818337-001/002/003/004 For Xbox360 Slim (Reballed)

Description:This 45nm gpu/cpu X818337 pulled from the original xbox360 slim main board,and we had reballed it,tested it ok before shiped out.Note:1. Pulled from the Microsoft XBOX360 motherboard,and Some of the IC GPU Without Key,you need to flash it by yourself2. This one is different, we do not provide warranty.3. Pls make sure you know this specisial item,and you can get the cpukey or programmer by yourself (Many of the people can not do anything about that ).Item:1* Replacement 45nm GPU/CPU X818337-001/002/003/004 for XBOX360 Slim (Reballed)NOTE (PLS READ IT BEFORE YOU WANT TO MAKE THE ORDER):NO WARRANTY FOR ALL CHIPS(ESPECIALLY THE CPU, GPU, SOUTH/NORTH BRIDGE, ect.), SORRY FOR THAT,CO'S THE BGA CHIP IS SPECIAL PRODUCT, PLEASE THINK TWICE IF YOU WANT TO ORDER.


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卖方: SparePartStop
卖方: SparePartStop
卖方: SparePartStop
卖方: SparePartStop