Sunkye MIL DTL 38999 iii Connector

Quick lock thread with anti-loosening mechanism

100% Scoop- -proof to ensure no damage to the contacts in a blind mating application

With grounding reeds to strengthen emi/rfi shielding

Excellent performance of shock & vibration resistance

Good performance of fluid resistance

Widely used in aerospace, aviation & military system, especially for high impact vibration environment

MIL-DTL-38999 (formerly MIL-C-38999) describes four series of miniature, high density, bayonet, threaded, or breech coupling, circular, environment resistant, electrical connectors using removable crimp or fixed solder contacts, and are capable of operation within a temperature range of -65 to +200 degrees Celsius. Series III connectors are suitable for blind mating areas, and provide high-vibration characteristics at elevated temperature and are suitable for SWAMP areas with the proper connector accessories; ()

Material of Sunkye mil c 38999 mil dtl 38999Connector

Shell: aluminum alloy, stainless steel, titanium alloy

Finish: olive drab cadmium (W), chemical nickel plating (F), stainless steel passivation (K), stainless steel nickel plating (S), titanium alloy electroless (TT)

Insulation Mounting Plate : thermoplast

Seal Ring: silicon rubber elastomer

Contact: copper alloy

Finish: nickel plated with gold

Mechanical Performance of Sunkye MIL-DTL-38999-iii Connector

Sinusoidal Vibration : 10-50Hz, speed 254mm/s

50-140Hz, double -amplitude 1.5mm

140-2000Hz, acceleration 588m/s²

Random Vibration : high temperature 96(m/s²)²/ Hz 408m/s²,100~1000Hz

Random Vibration : environment temperature480(m/s²)²/ Hz,100~300Hz

Shock : 2940m/s² 3ms

Durability : 500 mating cycles

Contact Retentivity (Min.):

#22D : 44N

#20 : 67N

#16 : 111N

#12 : 111N

#8 coaxial : 111N

#8 triax : 111N

Mil-DTL-38999 Series III connector is a high-performance cylindrical connector that is designed for both general purpose and harsh environment applications. It adopts an enhanced "one turn" coupling system and self-locking screw thread to improve the durability of the coupling system, while the thicker wall and larger coupling surface area increase the strength and impact resistance. 38999 Series III connector can also be used for various shell materials and finishes (anode, zinc cobalt, aluminum, electroless nickel plating, olive cadmium, etc.).

For more information about MIL-DTL-38999 Series III connectors, click the "PDF Download" button above to see the details in the PDF file. If you have any difficulty searching for products, please contact us and Sunkye will help you find the best components for your application.

Sunkyeis a professional 38999 connector manufacturers, we provide Micro Crimp Connectors, PCB Connectors, d sub connector, military electrical connectorsand etc. Want to know mil dtl 38999 wikiand mil c 38999 wiki? Please contact us.


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