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                                  Weighing Room InstructionsZhejiang Sujing Purification Equipment Co.,ltd. Weighing room  The weighing room is a special local purification equipment for the use of GMP in the production of sterile preparations.Weighing room,provide a vertical unidirectional air flow, part of clean air circulating in the working area,partial discharge to the nearby area,The weighing room enable workspace to generate negative pressure, to prevent the overflow of the dust and prevent cross contamination, used to ensure that the work area of the cleanliness of the environment.  Weighing room details  Weighing room (center weighing room) is a professional for the GMP new specification for sampling, weighing, analysis and other functions of the dedicated studio,It can control the dust and dust in the work area will not spread to the operating area, the protection of the operator does not operate the goods, is a control of dust flying in the special purification equipment.Indoor air by the primary filter, medium efficiency filter, by centrifugal fan pressure in the static pressure box, again after HEPA filter from the air diffusion air supply unit surface wind blowing, the clean air with uniform section velocity of flows through the area, leading to the formation of high cleanness of working environment.  The operating area of the weighing room is maintained in the negative pressure state, and the circulating air is discharged by 10%. The air chamber center weighing after three stage filtration system self circulation(HEPA filter removes particulate of more than 99.99% of  all dust of more than 0.3um), designed to meet the requirements of pharmaceutical GMP.  Weighing and packaging dust and reagent in the equipment not only can control dust and reagent spillover or rise,prevent dust,and reagent on human inhalation hazard, but also can avoid cross contamination of dust and reagents, protect safety of external environment and interior personnel.  Weighing room technology:   principle of operation  The negative pressure air flow in the operation area produces a clean and sterile environment ,So as to avoid cross contamination between different drugs.Operating area cleanliness is generally class 100.  The protection object of the weighing room:  1.Protecting the drugsProtecting the operation personnelProtecting the environment.Air flow organization:Weighing room of ROOM series  Configuration description:  1、 Filter:through the primary filter, medium efficiency filter and HEPA filter,the HEPA filter can meet to the requirements of the test of the DOP ;  2、 Differential pressure gauge:2 (0---500pa );  3、 Polymer membrane:  improving the uniformity of wind;  4、 controller :display of touch ,control of frequency conversion ,display of different pressure ;  5、  Lighting:Illumination at heights of about one meter of the weighing room is greater than 300Lux.  6、 Weighing table:Place electronic balance and fill in the record;  7、 Socket:configuration of dust socket  结构    The weighing room is made of high quality 304 stainless steel by bending, welding and assembling.It looks smooth, and it is easy to clean.The weighing room electric cabinet can choose two kinds of methods of internal and external. The wind surface is a high polymer membrane, and the wind speed can be controlled at 5% - 10%.The primary filter, medium efficiency filter and HEPA filter can be changed from the front.     Weighing room of ROOM series      Parameter             ModelROOM-1400Cleanliness classISO5(Class100)/ISO6(Class1000)medium efficiency filterF8primary filterG4Average flow velocity0.45±20%Illumination≥500LXNoise≤65dB(A)Vibration half peak≤5UmPowerAC380V,3¢,50HzContour depth750Contour height2400Contour Width1400Depth of working zone700Height of working zone1930Width of working zone900Lamp specification and quantity40W*2Total power1.5KWAir volume1800-2200m³/hcontrollercontrol of touch and frequencymaterial304 stainless steelExhaust10%1、Instructions  Before debugging, we must verify that the connection of the wires are correct, and the debugging personnel to be familiar with the instrument.And we should  read the instruction carefully .    explain:    ◆Differential pressure gauge:Differential pressure gauge shows the pressure difference between the HEPA filter, when the value is two times the initial value, indicating the HEPA filter should be replaced.    ◆Touch screen:  Button function:  Frequency modulation,alarm, open or close the fan,open or close the lamp,display current,emergency switch,air switch.    2、Maintenance and cleaning  Warning! Before any maintenance and operation, the total power supply of the device must be disconnected.  Tool requirements: cross screwdriver, wrench, etc..    Step 1: remove the average flow from the top. When the membrane is removed, it can be taken as long as the screw is removed.    Step 2: loosen the fixed filter press block, remove the filter tank.    Step 3: at this point you can see the internal side of the exhaust filter, loosen the filter press block, remove the high efficiency filter.Step 4: place the new HEPA/ULPA filter in the filter frame and then re install it in the installation sequence.  Note: careful view of the new filter is not damaged or defective before the replacement of the new HEPA/ULPA filter.


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