Vacuum Pump

1. reasonabe price2. high efficiency and performance; 3. high quality◊ Application  This series of pumps are used for pumping air in sealed vessels. It can be used alone, also can be used as the forepump, diffusion pump, and molecular pump. ◊ Technical data      Modelspeed of      exhaustUltimate pressure(Pa)Rotating Speedsuction portOilMotor Power      (KW)DimensionWeightKgXZ-116/110.150.09250*150*2007.5XZ-1.51.56/150.20.12300*150*200102XZ-0.250.256×10-21400Φ100.3  0.12400*125*224152XZ-0.50.56×10-21400Φ130.420.18445*125*256182XZ-116×10-21400Φ190.4  0.25445*125*256192XZ-226×10-21400Φ190.480.37478*148*227272XZ-44  6×10-21400Φ19  0.550.55518*148*227302XZ-886×10-21400Φ320.70.75510*165*28235循环水真空泵  Water Circulating Multi-purpose Vacuum Pump  Circulating water vacuum pumpSpecifications  (1)Beautiful shape  (2)The most ideal instrument  (3)Easy to operation  (4)Mini vacuum pump  This product is widely used in medium and large institution, environmental protection, biochemical, medical, chemical, research and other fields. It has reasonable    structure, easy operation, stable performance.  FEATURES :  1.This machine adopts the double -tap .can be used individually or in parallel ,with two pressure vacuum meters  2.The main part is stainless steel stamping , case material is special  engineering  plastics .the whole is compact  3.Equipped with flow muffler  to reduce the friction between gas and water.  4.Type IIIS  is similar to SHB-III,but the main part of IIIS  is  engineering  plastics and stainless steel .  5.Type SHB-IIIA ,its injector ,three-way valve ,one-way valve are stainless steel.  6.The water container adopts special plastic ,resisting corrosion and solution for acetone ,ethylether  and chloroform.ModelPower (W)voltage      (V/HZ)Flow      (L/Min)Head      (M)Body materialCase materialPressure      (Mpa)      Single-head suction capacity      (L/min)tapContainer volume(L)Container materialSize (mm)Weight (kg)SHB-III180220/508010Icr8Ni9TiSpecial corrosion -resistant  engineering plastics0.09810215Special corrosion -resistant  engineering plastics385*280      *42015防爆无油真空泵 oil less vacuum pump ◊ Application  WX type oilless rotary vane vacuum pump is a clean vacuum pump. It can work without lubricating oil and have no pollution. This type of vacuum pump is applicable to vacuum drying machines and vacuum concentration. Widely used in pharmacy, chemicals, food packaging, medical appliances, milk processing, printing, photoengraving, forming and laboratory.  1. Features  a. No oil vapor, the working environment and the processed products are always clean.  b. Equipped with suction filter and exhaust muffle. Long service life, low noise, easy to fix.  c. WX-4 and WX-8 pump with vacuum gauge. This series of pumps can work continuously.  d. Compact structure, low weight, the dimensions is small than other same type vacuum pump.  ◊ Technical data


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