WCT Din Rail Mounted Contactor

Scope of Application
WCT Din Rail Mounted Contactor (also called CT contactor, household Contactor), mainly used in power system of AC 50Hz/60Hz, rated voltage to 400V, rated current to 100A, at AC-1, AC-7a use categories (no sense or low sense load, resistance furnace, household appliances and similar low load) for long distance, switch and control circuit for household, can also be used to control the motor load. Household Contactor is not used for breaking short circuit current, so the suitable short-circuit protection equipment (such as miniature circuit breaker) should be selected when using. It meets the standard IEC61095, GB17885.
WCT Din Rail Mounted Contactor can extend auxiliary control, protection and indication function.

Product Features
1. Modular control electrical appliances, novel structure, small size.
2. Rail installation, modular size, safe use, can be combined with the miniature circuit breaker installed in the control lighting box.
3. Use high-quality insulation materials, greatly improve the security.
4. Beautiful appearance, with working status indicator window.
5. No noise, apply to hotels, hospitals and other places


至: 上海泰西电气有限公司
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