Plastic Meter Box

Scope of application
TXH Plastic Meter Box includes two parts: single-phase transparent meter box and three-phase transparent meter box. Suitable for power supply system of AC 50Hz or 60Hz, rated voltage to 220V, 380V, 690V, rated current of 10A ~ 225A, for measurement and control management of single-phase power and dynamic power.

Conditions of Use
Ambient temperature of transparent meter box is -25℃~+80℃, and the average temperature does not exceed 35℃ in 24 hours.
Transparent meter box need to keep the internal air clean, at 40℃, relative humidity does not exceed 80%, the lower the temperature allows a higher relative humidity.

Main technical parameters
Main busbar rated current In: 10A ~ 225A
Main busbar rated short time withstand current Icw: 30KA
Insulation resistance: not less than 20MΩ
Rated insulation voltage: 800V
Frequency: 50Hz or 60Hz
Protection degree IP: 30
Product Materials: Polycarbonate (PC), flame-retardant engineering plastics (ABS)


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