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(PDC)Polycrystalline diamond composite is a composite material in which thin layers of polycrystalline diamond are bonded to a cemented carbide substrate. Polycrystalline diamond composites combine the high wear resistance of polycrystalline diamond with the high impact resistance of cemented carbide. The sharp and self-sharpening edge of the diamond layer keeps the cutting edge sharp at all times, making it very suitable for oil and geological drilling in soft to medium-hard formations with excellent results.

Our products are widely used in petroleum geology, automobile, consumer electronics, aerospace, intelligent manufacturing and other high-end machining fields, and our customers are all over the world.

Types Of Shaped PDC Cutter
Triangular Shaped PDC Cutter
The high toughness of the carbide reduces thermal damage and wear on the surface of the laminate.

Stud PDC Cutter
Stud PDC Cutter are made from tungsten carbide substrate and synthetic diamond grit. They are widely used in geothermal energy drilling, mining, water well and natural gas drilling and oil well drilling.

Round Square PDC Cutter
Marble quarries, in particular, are cut with the Round Square PDC Cutter. Additionally, it is employed in geological exploration, oil drilling, coal mining, well drilling, and street drilling. The Round Square PDC Cutter has excellent performance and high efficiency along with high hardness and wear resistance, quick drilling speed, and extended working life.

PDC Cutter Head
When drilling soft to medium-hard formations, a PDC Cutter Head with a variety of characteristics is used, and the bit profile design is adjusted to suit different drilling applications in different formations.

Double Chamfer PDC Cutter
The reinforced PDC cutters add a second chamfer to the diamond layer's surface, which enables the cutters to endure greater weights without being harmed. These geometry cutters have an impact strength that is up to three times greater than standard geometry cutters.

Fan Shaped PDC Cutter
For continuous cutting, high-speed drilling, and hole boring, a fan-shaped PDC cutter is a viable option. It offers excellent heat resistance, impact resistance, and exceptional wear resistance.

Cutterhead For Diamond Saw Blades
The construction business employs diamond cutters to cut stone, concrete, asphalt, bricks, coal balls, glass, and ceramics; the semiconductor industry uses them to cut semiconductor materials; and the gem industry uses them to cut gemstones, including diamonds.

3D Shaped PDC Cutter
There are several cutter shapes available on the market besides the typical PDC cutter cylinder. Every area of the drilling industry is changing with 3D PDC cutters. Whether you want greater depth of cut and formation engagement, better depth of cut, improved cooling, or better secondary cutting components. We can offer a shape that will work for a wide range of applications and specifications. In order to successfully give superior performance in any number of problems that downhole drilling may present, our engineering team has created a broad variety of forms.

What's The Advantage Of SML Shaped PDC Cutter?
The Shaped PDC Cutter mainly play the role of bottomhole anti-vibration, as well as the momentary release of bottomhole counter-torque to avoid the action of the main cutting teeth to cause the plane teeth to break up.

Mechanical tool class PDC Cutter: suitable for cutting and processing non-metal, non-ferrous metal and other metals such as high hardness alloy, wood, ceramics, etc. It has high hardness and wear resistance, high cutting accuracy, meanwhile, it can be processed into rectangle, triangle, fan shape and other shapes according to users' needs, which can be used to make wear-resistant devices, drills, tops and drill teeth (with spherical shape and conical shape), etc.

SML makes the drill bit with shaped teeth, which obviously improves the rock-breaking efficiency of diamond composite piece drilling teeth, especially against soft rock formations, and solves the technical problem that diamond composite piece is easy to slip. We also provide oem shaped cutter pdc bit for customers.

As one of pdc bit suppliers, we will do our best to meet all the needs of customers.


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