Hydraulic Manifold Block

Ningbo Zhenhai Finotek Machinery Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China hydraulic manifold block manufacturers and suppliers in China,Website:http://www.finotekpower.com, welcome to buy or wholesale customized bulk hydraulic manifold blocks from our factory. Hydraulic manifold block is available for hydraulic control valves with two mounting option: modular mounting valves and screw-in threaded connection valves, for the size from 3 mm to 75mm in aluminum, steel or ductile iron. A hydraulic manifold block which will be able to provide multiple-controlling function by its channel connection, orifice, hydraulic plugs provisions.   Finotek hydraulic manifold block with multiple-controlling functions will achieve the multi-function requirement with modular or cartridge valves mounted, easily valve replacement, or future valve upgraded, and much convenient maintenance in working environment. Specifications of hydraulic manifold block: Max. operation pressure: Hydraulic manifold in Aluminum materials for hydraulic pressure of 21Mpa(210bar), hydraulic manifold in steel or cast iron materials for hydraulic pressure of 350Mpa(350bar) or more  Ported position: Side or bottom Threaded available: SAE, BSPP, MPT or METRIC  Max. flow rate: From 0 to 1000ml/min. Hydraulic Valve available: Hydraulic modular valves and hydraulic cartridge valves Valve working temperature: -22° F to +250° F (-30°C to +120°C) Solenoid voltage range: voltage tolerance from 90% 110%. Medium: Mineral-based fluids better 


至: Ningbo Zhenhai Finotek Machinery Co., Ltd.
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