Liquid Turbine Flow Meter

High accuracy; Normal type can reach ±1%R, ±0.5%R.High accuracy type can reach to ±0.25%R.

 Excellent repeatability, repeatability in a short time can reach to 0.05%~0.2%.Due to the excellent repeatability; customers buy flow meter and use it for trade purpose.

 Turbine flow transmitter Output pulse frequency signal, suitable for total flow measuring (work as totalizing flow meter) and connecting upper computer through Modbus RS485, it can also be analog flow meter

Turbine flow sensor no zero drift and strong ability in anti-noise.

 High frequency signal (10Hz~1.5 KHz), strong signal resolution.

 SLW series Turbine Flow Meter with wide turn down ratio, max 1:20

 Compact and light structure, convenience in installation and maintenance, cheap China flow meter.

 Suitable to measure in high pressure .No need to open aperture on the meter, so it is easy to make high pressure flow meter.

 It is custom turbine flow meter. it can be thread connection turbine flow or sanitary turbine flow meter, and it can even be made as low flow turbine flow meter with flow meter size only DN4.

 SLW series Turbine Flow Meter can max bear 150℃, so it can be used as hot water meter or measure other high temperature medium.



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