5G Fronthaul Semi-Active WDM System

The 5G fronthaul transmission semi-active WDMsystem launched by Guangzhou Sintai Communication Co., Ltd. is mainly used to solve the problem of lack of optical cable resources for optical fiber remote transmission between DU-AAU in C-RAN architecture.

The scheme features active WDM on the DU side and passive WDM on the AAU side. Through the intervention of active equipment, the management and protection functions of the frontal transmission carrying network are realized.

At the same time, the simple and low-cost characteristics of remote passive are taken into account. The network reliability is improved, and the manageability and maintainability of the fronthaul transmission network are also improved.

5G Fronthaul Semi-Active WDM Sytem Feature

Support CPRI 1~10 and eCPRI (10G/25G), compatible with STM-1/4/16/64, GE/10GE/25GE, and another multi-service unified bearing, transparent transmission, and maximize the value of frontal transmission network.

Modular configuration, 1:6/12/18 optional, can achieve multi-directional multi-level convergence, and large-scale optical fiber saving.

It can provide a variety of color optical modules, support CWDM 18 waves, MWDM 12 waves, meet the requirements of various line power budgets.

Support optical layer 1:1 protection with protection switching time less than 50ms, improve network reliability.

Support graphical interface network management, reconstruct wireless and transmission management domain and realize full monitoring of optical module and line status.

The central office ends active WDM equipment supports AC 220 V and DC-48 V power supply options and 1 + 1 power input protection. Power failure of the equipment will not affect the service transmission.

Remote passive WDM has outdoor deployment capability and flexible deployment location.

5G Fronthaul Semi-Active WDM Sytem specification

Item of Mux-Demux



Channel Number






Central wavelength (nm)






Pair channel insertion loss (dB)

(Without protection)A






Center wavelength deviation (nm)



1dB channel bandwidth (nm)



The flatness of passband (dB)


Isolation of adjacent channels (dB)


Isolation of non-adjacent channels (dB)


Wavelength thermal stability (nm)


Insertion loss thermal stability (dB)


Polarization-dependent loss (dB)


Return loss (dB)


Protection switching time


Working temperature (°C)


Storage temperature (°C)

-40 ~+85

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