AB 1753-OPC

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E-mail: sophia_9090@163.com
: sophia_9090@163.com
QQ: 2747366625
Contact: Sophia

we offer 1 year warranty.
We will ship the goods within 3 working days after the payment received.
We can ship the goods to worldwide by DHL/FEDEX/UPS/TNT/EMS or other best possible way.
Please also contact us directly if you have preferred ways

We promise [for each inquiry we will use the most sincere attitude to deal with]
We promise [for every customer we will give you the most satisfactory answer]
We promise [for each order we will be a stop in the end of the track and services]

Our company's main advantages of products:

United States .. .AB ..1756 series, 1785 series, 1746 series, 1747 series, 1771 series
Switzerland .. .. ABB .. Robot DSQC series, ABB Advant OCS, ABB Procontic PLC CPU
France .... Schneider .. 140 Modi Kang Quantum series processors, memory cards, power modules and so on. To
Germany ... Siemens .. Siemens MOORE, S5, S7,6DD, etc.
USA ... General Electric ..GE..IC693 / IC697 series
USA Westinghouse (Westinghouse): OVATION system, WDPF system, WEStation system
Spare parts.

Lincoln G-1487-3

Ramsey D000-020347-01

Reliance 058706F

Flicker 6634685G1

Taylor 125S1445-1

Reliance 0-56915-11-D

Epic 23123-2

Fisher 39A1173X02R

Epic 23123-2

Pillar AB10331

Absopulse MOX830-24-Q3515

Cutler-Hammer 40-13820-01

Allen Bradley 42336-089-53

Technitron 625179C

FAB N2-006C

Yaskawa SGDA-CBA3B

Merlin Gerin 6730178-2A1

Toshiba M6582938G2


Micro MC1460-REVC

Hubbell Pulsecom 169215L2/2

MECC 901117E

Honeywell Amiens 46182745001

Mitsubishi BU158A351G53

Lamp CP208810

Elettra SC-DER-28-DEA

Lincoln Electric L9201-1

Mitsubishi CR-E356

Merlin Gerin 6736181

Mean Well PD-25-R3

DataLogic HS876B-4

Allen Bradley 80165-178-52.R

Fisher DH6001X1-FA3

Allen Bradley 1772DR

Anton Paar DMA55-PRO

Central Data PWA3100

Sumitomo SFDX-302

Merlin Gerin 6716772-1A

Denison Hydraulics 03746642

Generic 10X7648

EG&G D313087G

Allen Bradley 1361-N059-3

Star Robot 23100-PR13B

Honeywell 46182741002

Siemens 6GK1901-0AA00-0AA0

FAB N2-004B

Yaskawa C2DF9201764-C2N

Barber A12314101

Reliance 0518113

AC Technology 9933A-006

Divelbiss ICMHDIO06

Allen Bradley MEC-10AV-0

Protech 47-21517-04

Dynamatic 15-493-600

GE V421BA60

BDC J48G-018-14-22CF31

Yaskawa DF9200745-A0


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