GE IC693CHS391

new original +in stock + 1 year warranty

Advantage product : AB 1746,1747,1756,1769,1771,1785,1794
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Xiatong Automation Equipment Co.,Ltd specializes in sales of large-scale imports of various brands of DCS system module spare parts:
ABB, AB, Siemens, BENTLY, EMERSON, GE, Honeywell series, and other large modules.

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Such as the market discontinued products or difficult to find the product spare parts.
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whatsapp&mobile: +86-17354319552
QQ: 2747366625
Contact: Sophia

Schneider LXM05AD14N4

Leeson 170151.60

Kollmorgen M-815-A-21

WEG 04036EP3H324TS

Gettys M124-C9BA-900F

Thomson 42-314289-B732

NSK YS5240FN011

Empire WP-U23-CBL10

Reliance DC1810ATCZ

Emerson DXM-6120W

Baldor BSM100N-3240AFP

Omron R88D-WN01L-ML2

Baldor EM2531T-5

Parker MGM1143ASG6JN5Q

Emerson DXE-208CB

Fanuc A06B-0395-B288

Baldor 06H19V396H2

Parker PG115-015-LB

Aero-Tech ADR200

Parker N0704FR-KPSB

Aerotech BM250-MS-E2500H​-BK2

Dayton 3KV92A

Allen Bradley Y-2012-1-H04AA

Yaskawa SG10SA-GA13AC

Baldor ZDNM3584T

Yaskawa SGMCS-05B3B11

Bayside RA90-010-LB


Brook Crompton 5927211WA

Parker RS60-100-LH

Parker Compumotor MPM1143R-1388

Browning HWN3262S2W33XMI​143T1

Reliance P25G0403-12

Yaskawa SGMCS-02B3B11

Parker OEM3401-E-A

Thomson X42-114-334

Mitsubishi HC-SF52K

GE IC800SDM250M2KE​25C

Parker PG90-005-067

Mitsubishi HA-SH103C

Thomson NTR42-005T

GE A06B-0312-B351

Textron W0890060SSNS05G​LQEPZ

Yaskawa UGCMED-04-YR13

Bayside PS115-005

Baldor BSM90N-1250AFP

SMAC LAL35-050-55F

Parker RA90-015-077

US HWN2302S2T33D22​4U56

Pacific 4VM82-008-4

Aerotech BLM-142-A

Sterling S2175BQ060562

SMAC LAL20-025-55F

Allen Bradley TLY-A230T-HJ62A​N

Wittenstein SK075S-MF1-5

Leeson C42D28FC1B

Yaskawa ULSI-18-NQ

Animatics SM2337D

Marathon 184THTL7776BE

Reliance T56S1005A


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