Cyclone Separation Dust Collector

CLK Diffusion Cyclone Dust Collector

Details of cyclone collector

CLK diffusion cyclone dust collector is suitable for supplementing dry non-fibrous granular dust. The main feature is that the barrel body is inverted cone shape, thus reducing the possibility of dust gas from the center of the barrel body to the outlet, Cone-shaped reflective screens are installed to prevent the two air streams from re-coiling the separated dust and being carried by the updraft, thus improving the dust removal efficiency.

CLK diffusion cyclone dust collector is used in the industries such as metallurgy, foundry, building materials, chemical food, cement, etc. to supplement the dry non-fibrous particulate dust and flue gas dust, and can be used as recycling material equipment.

XD Type Multi-Cyclone Dust Collector

Details of cyclone type dust collector

XD type multi-cyclone dust collector is a kind of high-efficiency dust collector. The dust removal efficiency can reach above 95%. The dust body resistance is lower than 900Pa. The existing boiler induced draft fan can ensure the normal operation of the boiler. XD type multi-cyclone dust collector has good load adaptability. At 70% load, the dust removal efficiency is above 94%.

The cyclone in the XD type multi-cyclone dust collector is made of cast iron or ceramic and its thickness is more than 6mm, so it has good wear resistance. It is the ideal equipment for industrial boiler flue gas dust removal and other dust treatment.

XZZ Cyclone Dust Collector

Details of cyclone dust collector

XZZ type cyclone dust collector spirally moves from top to bottom when the dust-laden airflow enters into the dust collector through the contraction-shaped inlet. The dust material is run against the wall under the action of centrifugal force, and it rotates down the wall to enter special In the sealed and dust collecting device of the structure, the purified gas is discharged from the bottom up and spirally through the core tube.

XZZ Multi Cyclone Dust Collector DesignFeatures:

The through-type bypass chamber is designed to effectively eliminate the ash phenomenon and it is not easy to block.

The structure of the vertebral body close to the straight tube type was designed, eliminating the formation of the lower gray ring, avoiding local wear and rebound phenomenon of coarse particle dust, and improving the service life and dust removal efficiency.

A device designed to effectively prevent the secondary dust from flying in the lower part of the dust is designed.

XZZ type cyclone dust collector is mainly used for burning hot water or evaporating boiler at the base, and XZZ cyclone dust collector is also suitable for other industrial dust removal needs.

GLT/A Cyclone Dust Collector

Details of dust catching machine

The GLT/A cyclone dust collector is composed of a cyclone cylinder, a hopper and a volute (or wind cap). It is divided into several types according to the number of cylinders: single cylinder, double cylinder, three cylinders, four cylinders, and six cylinders. There are five combinations of barrels, each of which has two types of the air outlet, one type of horizontal air outlet and the second type of upper air outlet. For the one type of double cylinder combination, there are two types of combination of the positive air inlet and outlet air and side air inlet and outlet air. One type of single-barrel and three-barrel have only one type of side-in and wind-out. The combination of four-barrel and six-barrel only has the form of mid-inlet and out-air. For any combination of type two, any one of the above types of air intake position can be used. GLT/A cyclone dust collector is characterized by low resistance, high dust removal efficiency, large processing air volume, stable performance, small floor space, simple structure, practical and cheap, etc. It is applicable to all kinds of mechanical processing, metallurgy building materials, and dust purification of mining and mining.

HX-1410 Cyclone Dust Collector


HX-1410 Cyclone Dust Collector

Details of cyclone dust separator

HX-1410 Cyclone Dust Collector introduction:

The HX-1410 cyclone dust collector can be used in combination with a single cylinder and several single cylinders. The single cylinder processing air volume is 1.5-1.8 thousand meters 3/hour.

There is a reflective screen at the bottom of the vertebral body to prevent secondary air flow from re-elevating the separated dust.

With the material level material sealing device, high dust removal efficiency, up to 95%.

The inner wall is coated with 20 mm thick wear-resistant, high-temperature lining material, base wear resistance is 20 to 30 times that of ordinary carbon steel, its temperature is up to 450 °C, can directly deal with high-temperature exhaust gas.

TXP Ceramic Cyclone Dust Collector


TXP Ceramic Cyclone Dust Collector

Cyclone dust collector reviews

TXP ceramic cyclone dust collector is a new type of cyclone dust collector designed on the basis of many kinds of cyclone dust collectors and adopts Stayman's highest optimization coefficient structure type. The inner shell and the components are built using ceramic barrels to ensure their anti-wear properties. Not only the service life is guaranteed, but also the steel consumption is reduced, which reduces the cost of the equipment and the maintenance cost. Solved the problem of cyclone dust wear.

TXP Ceramic Cyclone Dust Collector Dust removal mechanism:

The TXP ceramic cyclone dust collector utilizes the effect of the peak of the velocity field distribution in the cyclone drum on the rise of smoke and sets up the riser and the secondary separation chamber and the intermediate exhaust pipe. The flue gas swirls from the inlet into the barrel at the design speed, and the dust is separated by centrifugal action. The dust separated from the top and bottom settles along the barrel to the ash tank; the flue gas rises along the diameter of the cylinder around 0.6 at the peak speed of the swirling flow. The part of the flue gas containing a higher concentration of fine dust swirls along the rising drum wall into the secondary separation chamber at high speed and then returns to the cone through the bypass duct. The secondary separated dust falls to the bottom of the cone and sinks into the same separated dust. Ash tank. The secondary separated flue gas is discharged from the middle exhaust pipe through the outlet. Since the swirling speed of the rising cylinder is much higher than that of the main cylinder, the fine dust can be effectively separated. Greatly improve the overall dust removal efficiency.

TXP Ceramic Cyclone Dust Collector Adaptation scope and description:

TXP ceramic cyclone dust collector is suitable for dust removal with relatively dry dust.

To adapt to the use of high-temperature gas conditions below 400 °C.

Can be used as a production process for the efficient recovery of various materials.

To adapt to 0.5-60t / h layer boiler or as a front-burner flue gas purification use.

XGD/W Efficient Ceramic Multi-Pipe Dust Collector


XGD/W Efficient Ceramic Multi-Pipe Dust Collector

Details of cyclone dust collector filter

XGD/W Efficient Ceramic Multi-Pipe Dust Collector Introduction:

XGD/W type high-efficiency ceramic multi-tube dust collector is a new product jointly developed by our company and Tangshan Steel Design Institute. Passed the technical appraisal of the State Environmental Protection Administration and the Hebei Provincial Science and Technology Commission, and cooperated with the Design Institute of Hebei Metallurgical Design Institute, Shougang, Anshan Iron and Steel, and Jinan Iron & Steel to open up a new path for ceramic multi-tube dust collectors. This product is widely used in the treatment of industrial furnace cell waste pollution. The treated air pollutants all reach GB9807-1996 "Emission Standard for Air Pollutants in Industrial Furnaces".

XGD/W Efficient Ceramic Multi-Pipe Dust Collector Structural features:

XGD/W type high-efficiency ceramic multi-tube dust collector mainly consists of equipment housing, net gas room, dust removal room, air inlet, air outlet, ash hopper, and ash discharge port. There is a combination of upper plate, low plate, and cyclone. to make. According to the different parameters such as air volume, air pressure, and dust particle weight required to process, cyclones of different specifications are built.

Dust-laden gas enters the dust chamber through the air inlet of the dust collector, and then enters each cyclone. Under the action of the guide, the exhaust gas entering the cyclone is separated by the centrifugal force and falls directly into the ash hopper. The purified gas enters the purging chamber upwards in the outlet core tube and is discharged from the outlet.

XGD/W Efficient Ceramic Multi-Pipe Dust Collector Features:

The main components-cyclone, guider, and gas outlet pipe are made of ceramics and other materials. They are not deformed or broken under the conditions of high temperature (up to 700°C) and low-temperature difference.

Ceramic cyclone and guide surface smooth, non-stick ash, non-blocking, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high hardness, the service life of up to 6 to 8 years.

Investment is small, its investment is 1/2 of the electric dust collector, management and maintenance cost less, and the service life is more than three times that of other dust collectors.

High efficiency, low resistance, a dust removal efficiency up to 95%, resistance 800pa, secondary dust removal efficiency up to 98%, resistance is 1200pa.

It shows its advantages in the treatment of the special flue gas with high corrosiveness and high temperature and heat energy recovery. The operation is simple, the management is convenient, the operation cost is low, no cooling measures are taken, water is saved, and the cost of heat recovery is greatly reduced.

XGD/W Efficient Ceramic Multi-Pipe Dust Collector Application scope:

Applicable to various types of coal-fired heating furnace, coal-fired boilers of various types of civil power plant, industrial boiler flue gas treatment.

Applicable to the dust treatment and recovery of mines, sintering machines, pellets, rotary kiln, a shaft furnace, refractory, steel-making, steel rolling and other working conditions in various steel industries.

Suitable for cement rotary kiln, dryer, and various smelting dust treatment and recovery.

Applicable to the treatment of high-temperature gas dust in blast furnace and converter coke dry quenching, and improving the heat recovery rate. Take water and eliminate sewage treatment to prevent explosion danger during gas recovery.

YDT Circular Multi-Tube Ceramic Dust Collector

The most important motive of the company's products is to separate the particles and quality dust from the industrial exhaust gas, turning waste into treasure to be recycled. As the dust collection system manufacturer, main all types of dirt elimination equipment and accessories production: including long bag pulse dirt collector, gas box and stand-alone pulse dirt collector, electrostatic precipitator, electric powered auxiliary tar, etc. Warmly welcome forbusiness negotiations!


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