3.7V 8800mAh Lithium Ion Battery Pack 1s4p

Basic Info.Model NO.:CNType:Lithium-Ion Battery PackConnection Mode:Series and ParallelRechargeable:ChargeableDischarge Rate:Medium Discharge RateSize:SmallAccessories Type:BatteryRated Capacity:8800mAhStandard Voltage:3.7VUsage:Power ToolElectrolyte:OrganicPackage:Special Package/Per Customer RequirementSpecification:UL, CE, SGS, RoHsTrademark:TopexOrigin:ChinaVoltage:3.7VCapacity:8800mAhConfiguration:1s4pDimension:40*70*40mmCharge Cut-off Voltage:4.2VDischarge Cut-off Voltage:2.8V-3.0VWeight:200gDischarge Current:1c-5cProduction Capacity:100, 000PCS/MonthProduct DescriptionAdvantages Of Lithium Ion Battery  1: Small Size:1/3 of NiMH Battery2:Long Lifespan: 2 to 3 times longer than the lifespan of seal lead acid battery3:Variable type of cell: 14500,18650,14430,18500,17500,26650,26500 etc.4:Wide Capacity Range: 0.2C to 70C5: Stable Performance6: No memory effect7:Light Weight: 1/3 of the weight of NiMH Battery, 1/2 of SLA battery8:Reach ROHs, CE, UL quality standard9: Low maintenance Application1: Low discharge rate: digital product, power bank, ups, solar power system, Power For Portable      Device etc2:High discharge rate: power tools, electric vehicles, Remote control toys, etc Services: 1: OEM2:Professional Technical Proposal3: Offering you specific cells How to make an sample order? 1: Confirming the detail of the battery and the quantity with you.2: Offering you a quotation and the datasheet for reference3: Deciding the final price and ordering sample4: Offering you a PI 5: We will proceed with the order withing 1 working days after receiving your payment. After Sales Service 1: Warranty: 12Monthes-24Monthes2:Fast Reply3: High Efficiency4: The most Sincerity Applications: Portable computers, books, satellite communicaton devices, Digital cameras, DVD, Handheld PDA, GPS, Security equipments, UPS backup power, Apparatus and Meters, Medical Devices, LED Lightings, etc.()(Item)( Product Model)( Product Model)Kg)03.7V2.2AH18X650.04513.7V4.4Ah  18.5X37X670.0923.7V6.6Ah18.5x55x670.1433.7V8.8Ah  18.5X72X670.1947.4V2.2Ah  37X18.5X670.0957.4V4.4Ah   37X37X670.1967.4V6.6Ah   37X55X670.2877.4V8.8Ah   37X72X670.4811.1V2.2Ah  18.5X55X670.14911.1V4.4Ah37X55X670.281011.1V6.6Ah55X55X670.281111.1V8.8Ah55X55X670.551211.1V11Ah55X55X670.71312V2.2Ah  18.5X55X670.141412V4.4Ah55X37X670.281512V6.6Ah   55X55X670.281612V8.8Ah   55X72X670.551724V2.2Ah  60X37X670.31824V4.4Ah  120X37X700.551924V6.6Ah  55X110X700.852024V8.8Ah  120X75X701.12124V11Ah  120X95X701.42224V13.2Ah  120X120X701.652336V4.4Ah  120X75X700.952436V6.6Ah  180X75X701.42536V8.8Ah  120X150X701.92636V10Ah  90X150X702.42736V12Ah  110X150X702.92848V10Ah  250X95X704.52948V15Ah  250X150X706.73048V20Ah  250X190X709


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