Electrolytic Cell

CTE & PPE Titanium Chlorination Electrolyzer Design & Fabrication

nodes were made by insert substrate coated with mixed precious metal oxide catalysts and platinizing, a very large variety of anodes of applications in almost every possible electro chlorination systems and processes are being designed, produced and supplied by us. Amongst other, our anodes used for Seawater electrolysis, hypochlorite production for disinfection & oxidation in either PPE (Parallel Plates Electrodes) or CTE Electrolytic Cell.

Milestone Chlorination Technologies LLC. developed different coatings and plates dimensions to apply in various chlorine ion contents and temperature conditions while electrolyzing seawater or brine.

Electrolytic Cell Application in Electro Chlorination Package

Milestone Chlorination Technologies LLC. is capable to provide two major type of Electrolysers: Parallel Plate Electrolyzer & chlorine electrolyzer.

Milestone Chlorination Technologies has the capabilities to assist clients in extending the useful life of any existing electro chlorination system at a fraction of the cost of a new system. Starting with an in-depth site survey of the existing system, Milestone Chlorination Technologies will offer a customized solution and a project plan to content the client’s special requirements.

If the dosing application dictates an increase in the chlorine demand, it may be feasible to increase the production by upgrading the existing system by modifying the design or adding incremental capacity. Milestone Chlorination Technologies will review the existing operation and identify the inefficiencies and bottlenecks to propose the options available to achieve the desired level of production at the minimum cost.

Milestone Chlorination Technologies engineers have experience with all makes and models of system including parallel plate electrolyzer (PPE) and concentric tubular electrolyzer (CTE) systems.


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Electrolytic Cell
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