EAAK portable water jet cutting machine

EAAK portable water cutting solution:
It is to provide customers with more flexible cutting solutions. Portable water cutting is mainly used for cutting inflammable and explosive objects in the field, such as waste tank opening, natural gas pipeline cutting, round hole intersecting line and section cutting case, and plane. Field cutting of plates and cutting in other flammable and explosive environments.
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Portable water cutting machine features:
1 Safety: cold cutting, no heat effect in the cutting process
2 Compatibility: Only one set of high-pressure water generating equipment can be equipped with a variety of walking tooling, which can cut the pipe, plate and tank.
3 Portability: No need for the cutting platform and control system of the standard water cutting machine, no volume, easy to move and assemble.
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Pneumatic magnetic trolley
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It adopts permanent magnet adsorption method, which can be adsorbed on plates, round pipes and large tanks to realize linear cutting in various spatial positions in longitudinal and lateral directions. It has automatic compensation function of grid voltage. In the case of large voltage fluctuations, the machine It can maintain crawling at a constant speed and adopts pneumatic motor drive mode to ensure safety under flammable and explosive working environment, improve cutting efficiency, ensure quality and reduce labor intensity.
(The guide rail can be equipped according to the actual cutting requirements, and there is also an electric drive magnetic trolley available)
Pneumatic chain pipe cutting trolley
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The track and chain composite walking mechanism ensures that the starting and ending points of the cutting track coincide, and the chain adopts novel design.
Live buckle, replacing the traditional chain joint, arbitrarily adjusted according to the diameter of the steel pipe, complete the chain connection in a few seconds, using flexible track,

A track adapts to a variety of pipe diameters, and the driving mode is a pneumatic motor mode to ensure the safety of cutting in a flammable and explosive environment.
Radar round hole cutting tooling.
cnc waterjet cutter,water jet cutting machine,china water cutting,glass waterjet cutting It can be magnetically adsorbed on the surface of the tank, small container or large-diameter round tube, which can realize quick installation, stable fixing method and ensure safety.
Hand push type ground slotted walking tooling
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Fixed cutter head cutting angle, slit, width 20mm (adjustable width 15mm-30mm), depth 40-50mm.

Equipped with a double cutter head to form a wedge-shaped opening at a time. Variable cutter head with wall slit cutting, curved crack cutting, straight line

The function of crack cutting. Manually controllable direction and equipped with a self-developed small field cutting car for drinking

Multi-function cutting of lines and curves (corner seams).


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