Vermont is a professional wardrobe factoryand wardrobe supplier, and we can provide you various wardrobe sizes for sale at good prices. From instrument wardrobes, lockable wardrobe, cheap sliding wardrobes, to modern china wardrobecloset, VERMONT KITCHEN can give you wonderful choice.

Functional instrument wardrobes make getting dressed a joy

As a man who pays attention to the details and quality of life, you must wanna create a handsome wardrobe. Whether it is a simple modern style or a luxurious ultimate style, as a specialized wardrobe supplier, Vermont can maximize its functions, so you can attract everyone's attention the moment you walk out of the wardrobe room, and exude the unique charm of a man.

There is always one piece of clothing missing in the wardrobe for women, and you have an absolute and innate cloakroom complex. The wardrobe is definitely the domain of women. Women are born to love beauty. No matter how many clothes there are in the wardrobe closets, they are not afraid of dressing and auditioning.

Modern instrument wardrobes closet buying guide

Vermont is experienced in instrument wardrobes, lockable wardrobes, and baby wardrobe furniture design and production, and we can provide the best wardrobe solutions. There are following tips need to attention in instrument wardrobes. From 1-door wardrobe to 2-door 3-drawer wardrobe, Vermont wardrobe wholesalefactory can produce various kinds of custom wardrobe closets. Such as 2 door wardrobe with a mirror and drawers, 3 door wardrobe with dressing table, and so on.

The selection of materials. Choose and buy the material of your wardrobe better choose solid wood. Cabinets made of density boards and particleboards on the market are very common, but they all release harmful substances such as formaldehyde, and solid wood is more conducive to live in a healthy environment.

The simplicity of the design. Try to buy a simple and clear wardrobe, children's world is relatively simple, too complex they may not be able to accept quickly in a short period of time. In addition, simple design wardrobes for small bedrooms or small spaces can extend your sight in some level. Choose a simple wardrobe, can facilitate the child to tidy up the clothes in good order, but also can cultivate the baby's good habit of tidying up.

Color of modern wardrobe closet. Choose and buy kids' wardrobehad and wardrobes for small bedrooms better choose some colors close to nature, such as green, blue, white, and so on, such colors contain less chemicals. In general, the brighter the color of the furniture, the more harmful substances such as lead will increase. Get the modern open wardrobe design here!

How to design my wardrobe with wardrobe accessories?

For wardrobe, especially for your master bedroom wardrobe, it may be the most important place before you out for a new day.

Organize your wardrobe will help you to save time and have a joyful morning. We wear 20% of clothes 80% of the time. Manage the wardrobe that you can use it more efficiently. After you leave enough space for a cloth hanger, you need to store off-season clothes by shelves or drawers. And then you need to manage the accessories by good design. An island is necessary if you have room for it, then a purse, jewelry, handbag, earrings, etc could be put there. Or you need to design such a place in the wardrobe by display drawers. Besides, shoes, pants, belts, folding mirrors, make-up space are required to design in right place as well. Please contact Vermont, a professional wardrobe manufacturer, for further custom design ideas.

If you want to know more about custom wardrobe price, please visit our website.

We have different types of cabinetsfor sale, if you have needs to buy cheap cabinet, please leave us a message.


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