Protective clothing flame spread tester

Protective clothing flame spread tester is designed and manufactured according to the stan-dard of ISO 15025 protective clothing burning test . It can test the state of flame spread ofprotective clothing under the impact of small flame. The instrument is a professional equip-ment, mainly applied for performance test of flame spread which protective clothing in fireby simulation technology.

Technical Parameters:

Items Parameters
Dimension : 1200mm X 600mmx 1200mm
Timer accuracy : 0.1s
Power supply : 220v,50/60Hz

The instrument is applied for thetesting of fire hazard using com-bustible materials, like fabric orother similar functional materials.

Technical Parameters:
1. Combustion chamber is made of stainless steel, high corrosion resistance, long service life.
2. The instrument is good appearance and generous in design with transparent glass window,
easy to observe the test.
3. All the sample rack are made of stainless steel; good-looking, corrosion-resistant.
4. Standard burner; horizontal flame height 25mm ± 2mm; vertical flame height 40mm ± 2mm;
nozzle diameter 0.19mm.
5. Timer for automatic recording and storage.
6. PLC with touch screen control system can achieve more intelligent test. Test data are auto-
matically recorded and stored.
7. Imported brand pressure gauge and control valve for more sable air pressure.
8. Imported needle valve can precisely control the flame height. The flame is more stable.
9. High intelligence, easy to operate.
10.Two sets of sample racks for surface and bottom burning, all made of stainless steel.
11. System offers automatic ignition and flame-out.
12. Flame height gauge equipped, easy to adjust the flame height.
13. Automatic ignition with high voltage of pulse electronic .
14. The timing button coordinated with the PLC automatically records and stores the combus-
tion time.
15. No need of hand-held stopwatch or manuscript for timing. System can automatically record
the test time and print test reports.
16. Test time and flame enrichment time can be set on the touch screen so that can meet the test
17. Test program for surface burning and bottom-edge burning can be switched on the touchscreen.


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