Socket Fusion Tool Kits

Socket Fusion Tools

These series of plastic pipe socket fusion tools are new types of hand-held electronic & thermostatical tools for

heating and joining plastic pipes & fittings including PPR,PB and HDPE with aluminum sockets and spigots.

For support on the building site or in the workshop.

The tools are composed of quality electric heating plate,electric controller,comfortable nylon plastic handle shell.

There are 2 series with different size and operation for meeting different customer’s requirement .

RJQ series are based on the standard and regular hand-held socket welder with a new controller for overheat

protection and easy operation.

Digital series of ZRJQ models add a digital controller and screen for improving the accuracy of the heating temperature.

The temperature range can set as demand of different plastic pipes & fittings, required fusing temperature can fix and

display on the screen, environment temperature will be adjusted and updated automatically, over-temperature will be

alarmed automatically and etc.

This provides a more excellent fusing result.

Application and Feature

Suitable for socket welding pipes and fitting made of PE or PP,PB

Preprogrammed welding parameter enables to choose the heating time by inputting out diameter of pipe to be welded.

Socket fusion is the oldest and most economical method of fusing.

Socket fusion is used for gas, plumbing, water, waste water, industrial piping, mining and oil patch applications.

The structure design complies with DVS2208

Limited two-year warranty.


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