Eddy Current Testing Equipment

"RQ-120-B Electric Pulse Automatic CNC EDM notches" is a precise instrument specially developed by Nanjing BKN Automation System Co., Ltd. for making inspection sample bars. It can be processed by controlled electric sparking method. It can be used to make longitudinal and transverse standard artificial grooves, rectangular blocks with equal depths and circular holes with equal depths on the inner and outer walls of steel tubes and bars.

RQ-120-B Automatic CNC EDM Notch Introduction

The core part of the equipment adopts high-quality imported components, using modern advanced digital control and servo technology, the wound-making process is fully automated, with high processing accuracy,fast speed, simple operation and the performance is at the international leading level. The whole instrument is portable, easy to carry, and has low requirement for the environment of steel pipe, bar and pipe carving.

Has the following features:

1) providing controllable electrical pulse generation and modulation;

2) According to the input incision depth parameter, the incision process is precisely controlled by numerical control and servo system;

3) The electronic control system automatically controls the rise, fall and stop of the guide operating mechanism;

4) Control the output of the processing power supply;

5) Adjust the working state of the instrument, such as the processing voltage, current and the position of the operating mechanism, according to the requirements;

6) Real-time precision display of processing speed and engraved depth value;

7) With manual tool setting and automatic engraving function.

Operating mechanism

The mechanism includes CNC servo micro-special motor, precision screw, precision guide rail, electrode fixture and other devices. Under the control of the cutting machine, the EDM notch cutterhead can move up and down to realize precise conveying.

The magnetic seat ensures that the running mechanism is conveniently and reliably fixed on the sample bar to be processed.

Tool guide rod and tool

According to the requirement of engraving internal injury, the operating mechanism extends the engraved tool to the specified length through the guide rod.

The trauma tool is curved according to the outer diameter of the steel pipe, and the internal tool is made according to the inner diameter of the steel pipe to ensure uniform contact between the entire arc surface and the steel pipe.

RQ-120-B Automatic CNC EDM Notch Performance

input voltage

AC220V ±20% 50~60Hz

Input current


Output Pulse Current

Max 3A

Output indication

Touch screen display

Transportation cycle


blade width

blade length


Depth of cut

Bar specification range

Processing of artificial defects

on the outer surface of pipe rod

Various specifications of outer diameter ≥5¢mm

Various specifications of pipe inner diameter ≥15¢mm

Features ofRQ-120-B Automatic CNC EDM Notch


Groove depth error ≤ 5% of groove depth

Groove width error ≤ 5% of blade thickness

Isometric rectangle block error ≤ block depth 5%

Reliable processing of equal-depth rectangular blocks and equal-depth flat ground holes on

the inner and outer walls of steel pipes: including equal-depth rectangular holes and

equal-depth flat bottom holes.

Nanjing BOKENA Automation System Co., Ltd., originated from the eddy current testing laboratory of the Nanjing University of Technology. It isone of the most professional ndt testing equipment suppliersin China. We sincerely invite and welcome people from all around the world to invest and create more values together.


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