Injection Mold & Molding Parts Solution

Injection Mold& Molding Parts Solution

Green Vitality Industry is a full-service mold manufacturer specializing in plastic injectionmold design & engineering support, injection mold manufacturing, and qualifying of mold plastic injection. Green Vitality operates plastic injection molding machines ranging from 80T to 400T, 600T, and larger tonnage injection molding machines are in preparation. Our company uses the latest plastic injection moldingtechnology and equipment to provide customers with world-class products and services. Green Vitality Industryprovides a wide range of product solutions for the manufacture of various plastic injection parts.

Application of Plastic Injection Molding

Auto Part Mold

Car Seat Mould for Kids

Auto Rear View Mirror Housing Mold

Car Light Mould

Automotive Air Grille Mold

Auto Bumper Mould

Electronics Mold

Keyboard Mould

Mouse Mold

Game Controller Mold

Plastic Enclosure Mold For Electronic Device

Set Top Box Plastic Injection Mold

Industrial Plastic Injection Mold

Filter and Flow Limiting Apparatus

PVC Pipe Fitting Mould

Plastic Gear Mold

Plastic Connector Mould with Brass Molding Inserts

Home Appliance Mould

LCD TV Mould

Fan Mold

Refrigerator Drawer Mold

Daily Plastic Injection Mold

Plastic Food Container Mould

Plastic Spoon Mould

Plastic Toilet Seat Mold

Soap Box Mold

Medical Plastic Injection Mold

Medical Test Tube Mold

Teeth Tray Mold

Bicuspids Crown Mold

Thermoset Molding & Aluminum Die Casting

Aluminum Die Casting Mold

Thermoset Molding

Aluminum Die Casting-Holder


Different Types of Molding ProcessWe Can Provide for You

Single & Multi Cavity Mould

Hot Runner Mould

Double Shot Mould

Over-molding Mould

Insert Mould

Unscrewing Mould

Gas Assisted Mould

Precision Mould

Products of Injection Moulding

2K Injection Molding

Aluminum Alloy Die Casting

Auto Seat Part Plastic Injection Mold

Vending Machine Grid Plastic Injection Mold

Coffee Pot Plastic Injection Mold

Cooling Fan plastic injection mold

Door Panel For Coffee Machine Plastic Injection Mold

E-cigarette Shell Plastic Injection Mold

Insert Molding

Makeup Box Plastic Injection Mold

Small Hand Fan Plastic Injection Mold

Precision Gear Plastic Injection Mold

Small Table Lamp Plastic Injection Mold

Storage Cabinet Plastic Injection Mold

Toilet Tank Plastic Injection Mold

Toy Gun Plastic Injection Mold

Why ChooseGreen Vitality Industry

Green Vitality Industry is a long-standing mold manufacturer with ISO9001 Certificated & over 25 years of export molds experience. We use advanced processing and manufacturing technology to produce high-performance injection molds. The combination of process and technology enables us to complete the perfect manufacturing of the mold in the shortest time.

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