Elastomer Rubber Bellow Mechanical Seals

Cost effective and mass-produced Mechanical Seal with Rubber Bellow (elastomeric bellow)

Designed by single or double, Hangzhou SEALCON supply standard and OEM elastomer bellows seals to suit different applications and media in various industries with a variety of suitable materials. Most of SEALCON rubber bellow seals can replace your pump seal easily.

Materials Combination for Elastomer Bellows Type Mechanical Seals

  • Seal Face: Carbon, SiC, TC
  • Seat ring: Ceramic, SiC, TC
  • Bellow: NBR, EPDM, VITON etc.
  • Spring: SS304, SS316
  • Metal parts: stainless steel SS304, SS316

Features ofElastomer Bellow Mechanical Seals

  • For plain pumps shaft
  • Elastomer bellows rotating
  • Unbalanced
  • Single spring
  • Stationary design
  • Most common metric seat available as requested

Elastomer Bellow Seals Basics

Elastomer bellows mechanical seal is identified by the use of a unique elastomer bellows or diaphragm for the secondary sealing part, which provides a high degree of axial flexibility to compensate for lack of concentration of the shaft & misalignment & wear due to thrust movement of the shaft.

Elastomer bellow seal is the most commonly and generally used rubber bellow seal, due to its compact design, easy installation, mass production and low cost.

Elastomer seal is non-directional, technically advantageous and extremely versatile. Elastomer bellow seals can be used regardless of the direction of the rotation since the driving torque is not transmitted through the single coil spring. The required driving torque is enhanced through the rubber bellow which fits on the shaft through the interference fit between the collar, rubber bellow, and shaft.

So as to meet the varying demands of our overseas customers, we are involved in manufacturing and supplying a collection of high-quality rubber bellow seals with competitive price, no minimum quantity.

Because of its excellent performance in various industries, as well as it’s compact design, cheap price and variety,s are the most commonly used industrial seals.

Shaft runout is compensated by Elastomer bellow and spring due to its self-aligning capability. Elastomer Bellow protects Shaft/Sleeve from Fretting.

Elastomer Bellow Mechanical seals Application

Elastomer bellow seals are widely used in the centrifugal pump, water pumps, circulation pump, submersible pumps, auto cooling pumps, general industrial pumps and other rotating equipment,high-temperature applications of various chemical, petroleum, refinery and polymer industry.

Highly recommended application

  • water transfer applications
  • Sewage applications
  • Waste water pumps
  • Fuel injection pumps


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