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ZECO is a professional check valve supplierof globe valve and check valve.Globe valve is a type of forced sealing valve, which can close the valve without leakage by applying pressure to the disc.The media flow direction of the globe valve can be from the top down or from the bottom up.From the bottom up means that the media flow from the bottom of the disc, this time the need to close the valve force than open the valve, stem diameter is also large, because the operation needs to overcome the influence of the medium resistance, otherwise the stem will be bent by the pressure of the medium.From the top down means that the medium flow from the top of the disc, this time the need to close the valve is smaller than the opening of the valve, sealing also because of the relationship between the medium resistance is more closely, so usually, high-pressure conditions will be used in this way.

Globe Valve by ZECO Company

ZECO check valve is an automatic type valve, which can be divided into lifting check valve and swing check valve according to the movement mode of the disc, or wafer check valve, flange check valve and welded check valve according to the connection mode. Check valve will usually indicate the direction of flow in the valve body, when the pressure of the imported medium is greater than the weight of the disc, the disc is pushed open by the medium, the valve also opens. On the contrary, when the imported medium pressure is less than the weight of the disc, the disc is also closed, the valve is also in the closed state. When combined with globe valve, check valve can play a role of safety isolation. The disadvantage is high resistance, poor sealing when closing.

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