Titanium Ball Valves

Due to their excellent characteristics, custom titanium valvesare widely sought after. Especially in the automotive, aviation, shipping and PTA industries, titanium ball valves are favored for their strength, corrosion resistance, and portability. Weidouli specializes in custom-designed hand operated valve for added safety and reliability.

Corrosion Resistance Characteristics of Titanium Ball Valves

Titanium ball valves is almost no corrosion in the atmosphere, freshwater, seawater, high-temperature water vapor.

Titanium ball valves and titanium valves are very resistant to corrosion in alkaline media.

Titanium ball valve has strong anti-ion ( Cl ) ability and excellent resistance to ion corrosion.

The corrosion resistance of the titanium ball valvein the reducing acid depends on whether the medium has a corrosion inhibitor

Lightweight, high mechanical strength, wide application, military field.

Application of Titanium Ball Valves

Seawater Desalination

Pulp and Paper

Petrochemical industry


Aviation and Military

Weidouli is a professional titanium ball valve manufacturersthat offers various titanium hand ball valve for different usages. As a leading titanium ball valve company, we can customize a wide range of types of industrial valve according to customers' needs. Please contact us to know more!

If you need any kinds of china stainless steel check valve, please contact us, as a professional valve manufacturer, Weidouli is willing to offer you high quality products.


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