Rail Tie Plates (Base Plates)

Rail Tie Plates (Base Plates)


Apply for rail UIC54, UIC60, 50kg rail, 60kg rail, S49 and size as ordered

Raw Material

QT500-7 (Casting iron)

QT450-10 (Casting iron)

Low Carbon Steel

High Carbon Steel

Chemical Compostition (%)

C: 3.60-3.80, Mn:≤0.6,Si:2.50-2.90, P:≤0.08, S:≤0.025

C: 3.40-3.90, Mn:0.2-0.5,Si:2.70-3.00, P:≤0.07, S:≤0.03

Base Plate SupplierProduction Engineering

Forging, Casting, Rolling

Surface Treatment

Plain, Sandblasting

Standard Reference

AREMA, GB, JIS E1110, UIC864-6,

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